Women's criticism of food bank items goes viral

Women’s criticism of food bank items goes viral

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Anyone who’s ever said, “A beggar can’t be the one who chooses,” has clearly never tried to offer food to someone begging for money to buy it in Midtown Manhattan. I can’t count the number of times they turned their noses at me while “trying to get something to eat,” so they offered to serve me food from multiple restaurants within a two-block radius. say they don’t like it either.

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Maybe they were going to take the train to the Lower East Side and eat at Pastis.

However, there are many who have expressed their gratitude for the kindness and charity they received in their time of need.

But is this woman who blew up a food pantry haul one of those people? Thousands of people online certainly seem to think otherwise. noticed she was sneeringly holding the item with her freshly manicured nails.

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Complaining about what she got from the food bank, how much does the manicure she sports cost? pic.twitter.com/8tyNjoX90x

β€” Silvio Tattisconie πŸ’Ž Not Berlusconi Β©β„’ πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ (@SilvioTattiscon) January 20, 2023

Source: Twitter | @silviotattiscon

Brenna O’Hara uploaded a viral video to TikTok under the handle @brennaohara, but she was so disliked that she eventually deleted her account. However, as we all know, nothing is truly removed from her web worldwide, while other people upload clips of her to other social media her platforms. It didn’t take long.

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It flowed to Twitter and Reddit’s r/facepalm sub, where people called out to Brena for her critique of each item a man named Liam (presumably a member of her family or partner) handed her.

First, she shows off a box of Lipton Soup containing individually sealed packets of soup. She complains that the box is open and says, “I don’t even have two.”

She complains that she has to dry her cereal as there is no milk etc.
No, what the real poor do is add water – yes, it sucks, but it fills the hole.

β€” Sharon Lewis (@punt_sharon) January 21, 2023

Source: Twitter | @punt_sharon

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“Oh, peach slice concentrate. No name,” she said, slamming the can. “Mr. Noodles full of MSG and look! Pasta!” she says sarcastically. “Do you have anything to put on this pasta?” she asks as she pans the camera over other food pantry tote items.

She has a can of tomato soup and says she could probably pour it over pasta, but she doesn’t eat meat, so the can of turkey flakes Liam procured from the bag can’t cut it. I added that I can’t.

Brena then grabbed a can of sliced ​​pineapple and said this was probably the only good thing about their food haul, but “cans are dented” and “beggars can’t choose, can they?” Is called.

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What were people doing in the 50’s and 60’s? Everyone seemed to have survived, even though there were no food banks and the times were tough.

β€” Bendergender (@bendergender1) January 20, 2023

Source: Twitter | @bendergender1

The next item is a jar of peanut butter in perfect condition, but Brena asks, “What do you put the peanut butter on?” Liam then got her box of oatmeal crisps cereal, but Brena said she couldn’t eat it because she didn’t have milk. “I think you can dry it and eat it.”

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Liam appears obsessed with a giant can of pasta with a non-perishable sauce. Brenna says she can use it with a bag of pasta, but she says she’s been eating pasta for weeks, and she continues to brag about canned food in the same sarcastic tone.

My husband passed away and I had three young children.
I worked to achieve my goal
I had Β£10 in my wallet, had dinner and had to fill the car for work
fiber in car
1 loaf of bread and 2 cans of beans for dinner
I cried all the way home and never received a dime from anyone!
Proud ❀️

β€” Jo 😎🌻🌞🌼🐢 (@JoanneP65) January 20, 2023

Source: Twitter | @Joanne P65

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“So everyone who says let’s go to the food bank knows I can appreciate this, but here I have more than one thing to eat. No fresh fruit, no vegetables, no toilet paper. You know… I’m going to go to the backyard and find some frozen dandelions and I’m going to water them and fry them.It’s my lucky day.”

The reaction to the video was pretty wild online. Some people said they were very grateful to be able to put them in.

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This is sad when you think of the elderly who appreciate it all.Maybe they qualify.Maybe they can help with food with their small pension.There will always be someone worse than me ‘/I do not accept charity’

β€” Clarissima @Clarissima on Gab & Parler.No Train! (@Clarissima5) January 20, 2023

Source: Twitter | @Kurarisama5

Some pointed out that if he could afford a smartphone to upload videos to TikTok, he clearly had the money and could have his nails manicured. He said that he looked like a child, suggesting that he was not lacking food.

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Some said she has an internet connection so she can use resources like SuperCook. SuperCook takes into account the ingredients you have at home and generates recipes based on those ingredients.

However, some people more or less agreed with Brena, stating that none of the food they brought home could be used to make a meal, especially for those with dietary restrictions.

Well I won’t donate to food banks anymore If this is the kind of person you pretend you need Stop paying for nails and a phone and get a job

β€” Stephen Thompson (@stephen12499282) January 20, 2023

Source: Twitter | @stephen12499282

What do you think? Is this a case of someone being her picky beggar, or is Brena just as bad as many say she is?


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