Woman sees 'locker room talk' about her during business chat

Woman sees ‘locker room talk’ about her during business chat

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Doesn’t it seem strange that “locker room talk” happens so often outside of the locker room? Sexual harassment and obscene comments can and do happen anywhere, anytime.

Take this awesome TikToker for example. I would like to become friends with this person and start a book club together. She was at her work meeting when a vendor accidentally shared a screen filled with her highly inappropriate comments about her.

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Which of us wouldn’t dream of throwing someone like that into the sun? Our girl had a more civil response and we bowed to her restraint. Here’s what this woman did when she saw “locker room talk” in a chat during a business call.

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The locker room where all the “cool” locker room talks take place

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This TikToker responded brilliantly to a “locker room story” during a business call.

When TikToker Whitney Rose was chatting with Bender during a video call, she clearly didn’t expect to be on the receiving end of mild sexual harassment. In a recent TikTok video, she revealed that a potential vendor accidentally shared a chat of his group team containing “nasty things” written about her. I recorded my reaction and gave it to the world.

“First of all, if we continue to work together, I would love to work with a female salesperson, because when you share your screen, you can see the locker room talking about you. “So, if I’m going to move forward, I’d like to work with a female account representative.”

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One gentleman can be heard saying, “It was an inexcusable mistake,” although it can only be described as an apology.

Sir, my unforgivable mistake was adding mustard when I asked for extra ketchup. This sounds illegal.

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Things went downhill from there!

In a follow-up TikTok, Whitney posted an email she received from the company’s vice president of sales. Do you think another non-apology is down the pipeline?In it, this person said, “I apologize from the bottom of my heart.[d]”This type of behavior is unsanctioned and not the type of organization we operate here,” Whitney said.

It sounds pretty standard and only slightly comforting, but it gets even worse when you get to the part where he dealt with Whitney’s request to work with a woman.

“I understand that you want to work with women going forward, but no one is skilled enough to support you as a woman,” she says. said the man, who is desperate to ignite his career.

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“Red flag, red flag, problem don’t you think?” Whitney asked about the edited photo of the worst email ever sent. “Why don’t you hire someone? There are a lot of talented women in this field. Honestly, it’s an honor to have them join your company,” said our hero Whitney .

At this point, Whitney wisely pointed out that the email was completely devoid of any explanation as to what action they were about to take. Were the folks on Team Chat disciplined? Were they let go? ? I think we will never know. She also felt that this apology should have been over the phone.

Well, you got a call, put your hat on.

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Hit after hit!

We hope this isn’t the last TikTok, but Whitney popped out with a cat for another update. We do damage control, basically to save sales. ”

Not only did they not save sales, Whitney said she would not work with them.

Apparently, the only action taken was for the VP of Sales to contact HR… but not immediately. He waited a whole day to let them know what had happened. . “That’s the real problem,” said Whitney. “This is not high enough on their priority list.”

Sadly, Whitney left this one on a bit of a cliffhanger. Clearly, she’s not sure if the company in question should be named after her, and we say, release the tape!


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