Will there be a 'Velma' season 2? HBO spinoff details

Will there be a ‘Velma’ season 2? HBO spinoff details

Source: HBO Max

Jamie Lerner - author

While it may seem like we won’t be seeing Velma another day, viewers are already wondering if there will ever be a second season of the animated HBO Max series. That trailer sparked a bunch of excitement, but when it premiered, the reaction was not only lukewarm, but mostly negative from all. Became Velma made many people’s list of worst TV shows of the year.

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Still, people are wondering if there will be a season 2. Why bother? Well, so many people ‘hate’ Velma that it seems they might even get excited about the show’s future. Is that possible? Here’s everything we know about a possible Season 2.

Velma and Daphne from

Source: HBO Max

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HBO Max’s ‘Velma’ season 2 is reportedly on its way, although it hasn’t been officially renewed.

Ahead of Velma’s pilot release, there was a lot of talk about what a great show people expected. However, if the series is actually a crude, adult-themed, gory take on the characters of Scooby-Doo, the trailer didn’t exactly match that reaction. , it makes sense that HBO Max was hoping to take the story further.

But trust me, when it becomes clear that no one likes Velma, we tried to find at least one positive review, and HBO Max is under pressure to cancel the series. , if it’s getting viewers thanks to buzz and hate watching, it’s also an incentive to update Velma. Unless we finally learn, there are many more stories to tell.

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velma and fred

Source: HBO Max

Not only that, but HBO Max is rumored to have already renewed Velma, keeping this under wraps until the series gets more positive reviews. I don’t care if Velma is on the air because it will continue to air. ‘s review bombing may have simply taken over.

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I know Velma’s show sucks, but people are too obsessed with cartoons.Touch the grass before you hate it – watch it in season 2

— Jake Wittich (@JakeWittich) January 19, 2023

But HBO Max seems to believe in the series. Velma Season 2 is already underway, according to the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR), a central registry that assigns globally unique identifiers to various projects within entertainment. EIDR lists 11 episodes of her in the second season, so it’s very likely that season 2 is already underway, though there’s enough pushback against HBO to renew Velma. If so, you can bin your sophomore season.

A new episode of Velma airs every Thursday on HBO Max.

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