'Will there be a twist in the Servant series finale?'

‘Will there be a twist in the Servant series finale?’

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Throughout four seasons of Servant on Apple TV Plus, viewers have more questions and fewer answers. But ahead of Servant’s series finale, which releases on March 17, many are curious to see if there are any major twists that no one will ever see. Considering M. Night Shyamalan is the producer and he’s the genius behind movie twists like The Sixth Sense and The Village, it’s certainly possible.

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Servant is about a family in mourning after the tragic accidental death of an infant. To cope, mother Dorothy Turner believes the doll is actually her dead son, Jericho. Hires a nanny, Leanne, to look after the “baby” in the meantime. However, when she arrives, Leanne is shown as someone with a secret of her own, and somehow she brings her baby back to life.


Source: Apple TV Plus

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It turns out that Leanne is a victim of an escaped cult. She is also theorized to be some sort of fallen angel, or servant. it is clear.

However, her uncle is convinced she is evil and has returned in the final season to prove it. Viewers are still not sure if it’s evil or not.

Will there be a twist in the ‘Servant’ series finale?

M. Night Shyamalan is known for his cinematic twists. Although he wasn’t the main writer on Servant, he directed the episode, and he also directed the final season. His influence on the series and the writers’ room could result in a shocking series finale that no one will ever see. I’m here.

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It’s a wild show like #Servant but can’t stop until it turns out to be wtf Leanne and Dorothy knows it’s not her baby.

— Cam/Mira (@camzila23) January 21, 2023

M. Knight will direct the penultimate episode of the series, “Awake.” Some fans on Reddit believe that Leanne was the one who brought him back to her, with Dorothy finally waking up and revealing what happened to Jericho almost a year ago. However, one fan commented in a reddit thread that he “feels” that the title refers to viewers waking up.

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What better way to surprise viewers with a twist in a series than to stick with the show’s penultimate episode instead of the expected series finale? I have not confirmed this.

But with M. Knight at the helm of Episode 9 and fans hoping to get something to surprise them by the end of the show, it seems like a real possibility for now.

Jericho and Rin from

Source: Apple TV Plus

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Fans have ideas about how ‘Servant’ will end.

We still don’t fully know who or what Leanne is, other than her final piece of information in the cult, so Servant could end in a variety of ways. Some have theories about what will happen on March 17, when the finale premieres.

YouTube’s Middleman shared some ideas of Lean becoming “total evil” by the end of the series. The video also suggested that Jericho could be revealed to be “Satan’s Spawn”.

Another fan posted on reddit, thinking Servant would end by revealing nothing supernatural so far, just a tragic story about a desperate family and a “weird babysitter.” ing.

But what many fans seem to agree on is that if all the answers are aliens, if it’s not over M. Knight, they’re not happy.

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Lean in

Source: Apple TV Plus

All we can say is that we hope that by the time Servant is finished, we’ll have an answer and a few surprises along the way.

Watch new episodes of Servant on Fridays on Apple TV Plus.


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