Will he play against the Bengals?

Will he play against the Bengals?

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He is scheduled to play against the Bengals today.

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Patrick Mahomes was playing against the Jaguars last week when someone fell on his ankle during the play and fans and coaches were frustrated by bystanders worried about possible injury. There was hope, and he was clearly a little shaken up considering his dislocated ankle at the end of the first half.

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He took a nasty hit, but the fact that Mahomes was able to get back on the field and play the rest of the game after taping his ankle is a good indicator. Including the middle, I was injured only six times while playing, including two concussions, a broken wrist, and a dislocated patella.

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Patrick Mahomes injury update: Will he still play?

Patrick Mahomes suffered a sprained ankle last week but managed to finish the game. He seemed to be limping a bit at the end of the match, but his legs are stable.

Mahomes is a stronger passer than Rusher, marking 5,250 passing yards during the 2022 season, but only 358 rushing yards. Not to mention his legs don’t give him the mobility he needs to stay safe in his pocket until he finds a throw, but if his offensive line steps up against the Bengals, There shouldn’t be much difference in his offensive ability.

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An injured ankle can affect accuracy if it causes pain when the quarterback steps back to pass, but a sprained ankle is not a serious injury and Mahomes says he’s not a serious injury. I have a goal to win the Super Bowl in . I will do my best to win with or without injury. Mahomes was the first Chiefs player to leave the locker room late in a game for the Jags, and he has shown a strong desire to play through pain and not let injuries affect him.

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Patrick Mahomes’ backup QB was Chad Henn, who took over from the Jaguars and got a TD.

Mahomes will start against the Bengals after his ankle feels better and he is no longer limping. But even if the worst does happen and Mahomes has to walk off the field, the team isn’t worried — believe in 37-year-old Chad Henn.

Backup QB Henne is always ready to be in the game, and alongside the Chief’s other offensive arsenals, that readiness cannot be taken lightly.


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