Will Charlie die in 'Fire Nation'?What you need to know

Will Charlie die in ‘Fire Nation’?What you need to know

Source: CBS

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Danger and drama define the first season of CBS’ Fire Country.

An action-drama series that follows a Northern California firefighter and an inmate seeking redemption and a reduced sentence is incredibly high-stakes.

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Potential Deaths Following Prison Release Program Inmates and Cal Fire Crew.

And in Episode 10, we saw just that with fan-favorite character Charlie. But what exactly happened?

Bode Donovan and Tom Pickett

Source: CBS

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Will Charlie die in ‘Fire Nation’?

During Episode 10, “Get Your Hopes Up,” things didn’t look so good for Charlie. The episode started off on a positive note, but Charlie got an early release parole and submitted an application for a full-time job at Cal Fire, but disaster soon followed. A delivery truck crashes into Station 42, setting off a chain reaction of complete chaos.

Bode (Max Thieriot) finds Charlie trapped under a delivery truck. He is bleeding profusely and Eve (Jules Latimer) states he could die at any moment. When he is finally released from the vehicle, his pulse slows and he begins to lose consciousness. Fortunately, Eve saves Charlie’s life by performing CPR. However, he is seriously injured, jeopardizing his future firefighting career.

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Who Plays Charlie in ‘Fire Nation’?

Fire Country’s older inmate Charlie is played by actor Tom Pickett. So far, he has appeared in his four episodes of his new CBS action drama series. Despite playing a secondary character in Fire Country, he’s seen in 2009’s Love Happens (featuring Jennifer Aniston, Aaron Eckhart and Martin Sheen) and 2019’s Percy Jackson & Olympians: Lightning Thief (Logan Lerman). Featuring ), he has appeared in several major films. Alexandra Daddario, Brandon T. Jackson).

In Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Tom played a janitor at the Parthenon.

Fire Country isn’t even Tom’s first stint on television. He also appeared in his two episodes of his long-running CW mystery series Supernatural.

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Is Tom Pickett Leaving ‘Fire Country’?

Given the severity of Charlie’s injury in Episode 10, viewers fear this could be the end of the road for Tom Pickett’s stint on the CBS drama series. In a recent Instagram post, Tom hinted at his character’s uncertain future in the Fire Nation.

“Working with Fire Country has been an absolute honor and pleasure for me,” the actor wrote in the caption.

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One user named Valerie asked the question we’ve all been wondering.

Tom’s response was hopeful but undecided.

CBS has yet to reveal if Tom Pickett is leaving Fire Country, but the answer remains unknown. However, there is no better news than bad news. We hope Tom and his beloved character Charlie stay here!

Catch new episodes of Fire Country Fridays at 9pm ET on CBS.

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