It is a common perception that women are not so intelligent. People ask to show any woman who is more intellectual than Albert Einstein. The question is right in its place but did you ever think why women are less intelligent than men?

There are multiple explanations of intelligence. So let’s define it as an ability to learn through experiences and adaptation to an environment that changes. Intelligence quotient (IQ) is the measure of intelligence. 


Background history on why women are less intelligent than men? 

A psychologist Charles Darwin conducted a research variability hypothesis that measured the physical abilities of males and females. His research concluded that men had more physical developments and skills. These results led to the anticipation that women are inferior in their biological abilities to men. Darwin further said that because of women’s deprive physical capabilities they are not strong enough to understand educational and intellectual tasks. The variability hypothesis manifested the thought that women lack mental skills.  

Another theory suggests that educated women become physically and emotionally weak. Women only need the education of motherhood. Women were not given the right to an education and, the chance of enhancing cognitive capabilities was less. 


Helen Bradford Thompson Woolley and Leta Stetter Hollinworth:

Later two female psychologists Helen Bradford Thompson Woolley and Leta Stetter Hollinworth proved Darwin’s work wrong. They also tried to break the stereotypes about women’s intelligence. 

Helen Bradford carried a battery test between men and women to calculate the intellectual abilities and motor skills. Helen’s test depicted that there is no significant difference in intellectual abilities of both genders. Men also turned out to be inferior to women in memory and sensory perception. Helen took an extraordinary move and credited environmental and social factors for these differences. 

Leta Stetter Hollinworth’s research also focused on sensorimotor, intellectual, and physical abilities. Hollinworth’s findings also refused the variability hypothesis and entailed that women are no less than men. 

Women’s intellectual inferiority has historical roots. In the past women were not allowed to get a degree from higher educational institutes. Even Harvard University didn’t facilitate women with a doctoral degree until 1936. Women were not enrolled in the field of education, laboratories, politics, and even they were not allowed to publish anything with their names. These stereotypical mindset has transferred through generations and, they are the reason why women are thought to lack intellect.  

Why women are less intelligent than men in today’s world? 

Generic factors:

There are generic reasons for intelligence i.e. heredity; intellect man has intellect children. But there are no researches that show from where the first intellect man came. Biologically it is not evident that the bodily functions and formations are the reasons behind the low intellectual ability of women so, physical circumstances are not the reason. 

Social factors:

Women are raise differently from men. They are not supposed to attain higher education and handsome job in fact, in the past women were not given the right to vote as if they were not part of society. The social and environmental burdens are the explanations why women are less intelligent than men. All the social restrictions and expectations are the reasons behind women’s shoulders and, they move steadily under these weights.

Girls in schools have the equal curriculum as boys but, there are the psychological loads of inferiority complex; the complex of just being “a woman ”. This load of difficulties has waned the confidence of women and still today at many points women have to prove that they deserve the opportunity.

Women have the same mental capabilities as men, but they are buried under the taboo of not being smart. Women are branded as less intelligent beings and, they can’t be as smart as men and can’t follow the path followed by men. This thought process had made women more inclined in repressing their ideas and goals. All the repression has projected them as a dumb creature. 

Women are equally intellectual but, the ability of multitasking doesn’t let them focus on one goal. Many responsibilities are looking for women: they have to take care of children, household chores, cooking along with an effort to keep themselves healthy. Young girls study, help their mothers, and take care of other small stuff at the same time and their attention is diverted. They can’t keep eye on one thing and they lack intellectual abilities because their minds calculate many things at one time. On the other hand, men are not multitasking and their attention gets interrupted easily.

Fear factors:

There is a fear of achievement in women as well. What if there is no one to support? what if they are judged by others? If they don’t succeed they will mark as dumb. Thought of sacrificing relationships because men don’t like goal-oriented women and get jealous of them. Rejection from people and refusal from highly paid jobs. It seems like women have to pay some price for their achievements. The fear of achievement doesn’t let their intellect come out and show their real talent. 

Some incredibly intellectual women in the world: 

Women have vital roles in many fields. Here I present to you some intelligent women of the world. 

Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace was born in London (1815). She is the first computer programmer in the world and had a passion for mathematics from her young age. Her friend Charles Babbage invented Analytical Engine and, she made applications for it. Analytical Engine was the first computer in the world.

Margaret Hamilton

Another brilliantly intellectual woman in history is Margaret Hamilton. Her mother gave her birth in Indiana in 1936. She conquered the credit for the term “software engineering” because of her remarkable work. Margaret developed software of the first spacecraft Apollo 11 and through Apollo 11 man first man stepped on the moon. Margaret received the NASA Exceptional Space and Award and Presidential Medal of Freedom award for her contributions. 

Arfa Abdul Karim Randhawa

The world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional was born in 1995 in Pakistan. She named in the Guinness Book of World Records when she was 9 years old. Arfa Karim got a certificate by Bill Gates along with some other certificates.

Marie Curie

Marie Curie is one of the most popular female scientists and, she was born in 1867 in Poland. If you ask people who is the smartest woman in the world, many will answer “Marie Curie”. With her husband, Marie Curie discovered elements of polonium and radium. Marie Curie won two Nobel prizes for her contribution to physics and chemistry. 

Ruth Lawrence

Ruth Lawrence was a British-Israeli girl born in 1971. She was a mathematician and worked in knot theory and algebraic topology. When Ruth was ten years old, she passed the entry exam of Oxford. She became the youngest girl to graduate from Oxford with an IQ level of 175. 


The answer to the question of why women are less intelligent than men is complex to understand but not impossible. If we accept all the facts and reasons and help women come forward, women can achieve as much as men have accomplished for centuries.