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Why ‘The Glory’ Isn’t The Best Revenge Drama

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It’s one thing to want revenge, and another to live your life around it. It takes away the place you made for yourself in the world. When Dongwoon was repeatedly assaulted by Youngjin and others in “The Glory”, they didn’t just hurt her physically. They let her know that she was not safe from anywhere, that she could invade her space at any time and do whatever she wanted. They verified this through willful brutality, and the silence of other students, along with government attempts to cover it up, further supported Yeon Jin’s message. . In fact, the world was designed to assist her in every move.

When Dongwoon’s teacher slapped her and changed the reason why her mother Mihee quit her school to “maladjusted”, Dongwoon was left completely alone in this world. Young-jin’s cruelty didn’t hurt her as much as other people’s indifference. She doesn’t know what Dongwoon dreamed of in her childhood. Maybe she just wanted a normal life: going to college, getting a job, having a boyfriend, and eventually having a family of her own. knew she couldn’t have any of those things because the part of her heart that could accept and appreciate love had shut itself off. It will be years before it opens, but until then, Dong Eun had one mission: to take revenge on himself.

in a previous review During “The Glory,” Dongwoon said he handled the group with a relatively light hand. Everything she went through called for the complete annihilation of her perpetrators. That’s how revenge justice works.But everything that Dongwoon did to Youngjin and the group felt a little too fair.She started with Myung-oh and asked Dongwoon to engineer his death. I don’t think so. She intended to use him to expose the rest of the group, but how did she know Young-jin would kill him? Dongwoon didn’t care if he died, and had it been up to him, he would have received a severe enough punishment. I felt the same way about what happened to Hye Jung. Dongwoon didn’t expect Sarah to stab him. It doesn’t matter if only dessert was served. It’s a matter of whether they were served by the right person. Dong-woon’s only real revenge was on Jae-joong when he made Hye-jung change her eye medicine and blinded her, which was the only thing credited as his revival of malice.

Coming to Sara and Young-jin, all Dong-woon did was reveal their misdeeds strategically in a way that no one could escape the consequences. made the embezzlement known to the world. This meant that her privileged life was over. But what we want to say is, how is this revenge unique to Dongwoon, and how, in fact, is this revenge carried out? is revealed to the world as it should be anyway. But what about this compensation for Dongwoon? Literally anyone else could have done it and the result would have been the same. Dong-woon reveals that Young-jin used to be a bully and she informed Do-hyun that his wife was having an affair. As Young-jin knew, these two revelations alone destroyed his life. She should have been put in jail anyway for the horrific physical assault she committed.But back to the same thing, Dong-woon didn’t plan to kill Myung-oh, so he said that Young-jin murdered Myung-oh. What would she have done if she didn’t believe?

Basically, Young-jin lost her marriage and children to cheating and her career to bullying allegations. It didn’t matter. She intended to kill him, but had she known he was alive, she would have come back to finish the job. Our point is that none of these punishments are unique to Dongwoon, who spent his entire life plotting revenge and it was all so lame. Myeong-oh and Jae-joong face their fate in an instant compared to Dong-woon’s years of torment, and even then had no idea it was all her doing. , could not afford to care. Hye-jeong may have known to blame Dong-woon, but even so, she always tried to compare herself to her friends and lived a miserable life anyway. She doesn’t believe she took proper revenge against him.

What Dongwoon did was strategically uncover the group’s crimes. All she had to do was make their lives a living hell and make them regret the day they met her, but her protagonist was written to be reluctant to get her hands dirty. I was. And that’s why “The Glory” isn’t such a good revenge drama.


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