Why Sandra Ali quit WDIV she'll be back on TV 'soon'

Why Sandra Ali quit WDIV she’ll be back on TV ‘soon’

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Detroit news anchor Sandra Alli recently announced that she is leaving her post as night news anchor for WDIV after 13 years with the network. Following the news of her retirement, many naturally wondered why the host decided to quit her job, and where she’s headed now that she’s made that decision. I was.

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Why did Sandra Ali leave WDIV?

On January 22, 2023, on a newscast, Sandra announced that she was leaving WDIV. “I am heading towards a great new opportunity,” she said in her announcement. “This decision was mine. I am excited and focused on the future.”

She didn’t provide any further details on what this new opportunity was, but said, “I can’t wait to see you again on TV soon,” so she won’t be getting very far. maybe.

Sandra Ali from WDIV

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In her most recent role on WDIV, Sandra delivered the news at 6pm and 11pm on weekends and also made regular appearances on CNN and Fox News. During those appearances and her regular broadcasts, she often spoke about being a woman of Middle Eastern descent and how that has affected the news and the more popular view of the world.

After starting his career at a CBS affiliate in Altoona, Pennsylvania, he moved to Detroit where he anchored the weekend edition of Fox 2 News. He then moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he worked as the main his anchor for the NBC affiliate for six years before finally returning to Detroit where he held his most current position with WDIV.

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Sandra was partially raised in Egypt.

Although she was born in New York City, she spent most of her childhood in Egypt. She is also the mother of four children including twin boys. She has yet to mention her departure from WDIV on her social media, but her fellow WDIV reporter Shawn She is married to Ray. Sandra often posts about her kids and her husband, describes Sean as someone who “never complains” and makes being her great father “look effortless.”

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Where is Sandra going now?

Following her departure and her hints that she might appear on TV again in the near future, many people in and around Detroit began speculating as to where she might end up.

In her statement announcing her departure, Sandra said she was already thinking about her future.

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“I’m excited and focused on the future,” she said. I have been privileged to share so many important stories over the years.”

She also provided a little extra tease about her future. I will be happy to follow up with you when I can share more details. ”

Finally, Sandra thanked those who have watched her faithfully over the years. She said, “I take the role very seriously.”


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