Why Panic! At a disco breakup?Click here for the scoop

Why Panic! At a disco breakup?Click here for the scoop

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It’s official — PANIC! At the Disco disbanded.

On January 24, 2023, frontman Brendon Urie announced that after nearly two decades in action, Panic! at the Disco will disband following the conclusion of the Viva Las Vengeance Tour.

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what happened? Why did the band break up? Continue reading for all known details about Panic! At a disco split.

Panic's Brendon Urie!at the discoSource: Getty Images

Panic’s Brendon Urie!at the disco

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Why panic! At a disco breakup?

Panic on long Instagram posts! At Disco’s lead singer has revealed that he and his wife Sarah are expecting their first child together. As a result, Brendon explained that the band would end after one “hell trip”.

“But sometimes to start a new journey you have to finish it. You may have heard, but we’ve tried to keep it to ourselves.. “Sarah and I are expecting a baby soon!” he shared. “The prospect of being a father and being able to watch my wife become a mother is both humbling and inspiring. I look forward to this next adventure.”

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Brendon said, “Having said that, I’m going to end this chapter of my life and put my focus and energy into my family. With that panic, no more panic at the disco!”

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“Thank you for your tremendous support over the years. I sat here trying to come up with the perfect way to say this, but I really can’t put into words how much it means to us. “Whether you’ve been here since the beginning or you’ve just found us, you’ll not only be sharing the stage with so many talented people, but you’ll be spending our time with us.” I am happy to share it with you and I am looking forward to seeing you all in Europe.I am going to England for the last run together.”

“I love you. Thank you. Thank you for existing,” Brendon concluded.

Many fans shared their disappointment with the band’s breakup, but Panic! at the Disco reunite. So will the group be back anytime soon?

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So panic! Will you come back at the disco?

I know the panic at the disco was raging, but I wanted to see them just for nostalgia..I’m sure they’ll be back together in the future..hopefully lol

— Brianna ❄️ (@_briannaminc_) January 24, 2023

I’d like to think I have a chance, but I’m not sure — why? is unlikely to be in the studio anytime soon.

But for now, we have to accept that panic! at the Disco has officially been discontinued.

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