Why is Meghan living with Tina in '1000 Pound Best Friends'?

Why is Meghan living with Tina in ‘1000 Pound Best Friends’?

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TLC’s 1000 Pound Best Friends is more than just a weight loss show. Friends Vanessa Cross, Megan Crumpler, Ashley Sutton, and Tina Arnold lean on each other in moments ranging from mental health issues to financial woes.

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In Season 2 of £1000 Best Friends, Meghan and Tina proved their loyalty when Meghan moved in with Tina, her husband Johnny, and their two daughters. After seeing this arrangement, many of the fans found it strange that adult friends were living under the same roof.

So why is Duchess Meghan living with Tina? Here’s what the BFFs have to say.

Megan Crumpler, Tina Arnold, Ashley Sutton, Vanessa Cross to star in '1000 Pound Best Friends'

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Why is Meghan living with Tina on ‘1000 Pound Best Friends’?

Season 2 of £1000 Best Friends debuts on 4 January 2023. Meghan and her fiancé John Krieger have moved into Meghan’s basement. But many fans don’t know why Meghan started living there in the first place.

“Trying to understand why they’re living with Tina and her husband,” one fan tweeted during the episode. and her boyfriend lived alone.”

Some have come up with their own theories, as Meghan and Tina didn’t seem to provide fans with a clear enough explanation for their agreement. One fan even said that Meghan seems to be “perfectly capable of working,” while others believe she may be receiving a TLC check. are high and can afford to buy their own place.

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A few weeks after Season 2 premiered, Meghan and Tina set the record straight as to why they chose to live in the same house. In an interview with the iHollywoodTV podcast, the friends discussed fan reactions to the living arrangements.

Meghan explained to host Noah Wilson that she’s still adjusting to life after losing weight and feels insecure about living alone. , Tina was actually the one who suggested Meghan and John move in.

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Tina prefaced her side of the story by stating that she was “not as nice as Meghan”. I’ve seen “day and night” changes in her mood.

“All I can say to people who think she shouldn’t be here is…she’s helping me stay here,” Tina explained on the podcast. That’s why I need her here.”

iHollywoodTV's Tina Arnold and Megan Crumpler

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What happened to Tina’s house?

Tina and Meghan have admitted that they became roommates for more personal than financial reasons, but recently both friends had to uproot their lives and move out of Tina’s house. In Season 2, the women lived in a hotel with Meghan’s boyfriend, Tina’s husband, and Tina’s children.

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Meghan and Tina said in an iHollywoodTV interview that they had to move because a pipe burst at Tina’s house. She said on her podcast that the pipes caused flooding and “completely destroyed the floors downstairs and upstairs.” I expressed it.

Meghan and her boyfriend also lived in the same room as Tina. I had a few more friends to share the space with.

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Friends explained why Meghan couldn’t get her own room at the hotel, giving space to Tina and her family. Meghan said staying in a hotel isn’t cheap, and said a hotel suite would set her back “$6,000” a month, considering she lives in a friend’s basement. He helped out during his long stay, and was said to have been the “main cook.”

Thankfully, Tina’s house was repaired during filming, and it looks like Meghan will be there for a while.

£1000 Best Friends airs new episodes on Wednesdays at 10pm EST on TLC.


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