Who will Zack choose in The Bachelor? Spoiler alert!

Who will Zack choose in The Bachelor? Spoiler alert!

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Spoiler alert: This article contains major spoilers for Season 27. Bachelor.

Listen up, Bachelor Nation — our Monday nights are about to get chaotic AF again!

That’s right, Season 27 of The Bachelor is finally here. Hopefully this next season will focus more on finding love than petty drama. Honestly, it’s hard to watch every year. Thankfully, Zach Charcross believes he won’t let nonsense obscure his journey to find his wife.

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With that said, we’re absolutely dying to know: Who will Zach choose for Bachelor? Keep reading to find out! Plus, stick around to learn more about the rumored lucky lady.

zach charcross the bachelor seasonSource: ABC

Will Zach find happiness at the end of his ‘Bachelor’ journey? Read more…

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Who will Zach choose on ‘The Bachelor’?

According to Reality Steve, after sending Charity Lawson home, Zach and his final three women, Gabriela “Gabi” Elnicki, Ariel Frenkel, and Caitlin “Katie” Bigger, tied for the fantasy suite. Head over to. Unfortunately, the reality TV guru doesn’t know who makes it out of an all-night date. However, the Instagram account @bachelorwhatever thinks they do.

Social media users are closely watching the show and its spoilers, so they are confidently reporting that Ariel has been eliminated, leaving Gabi and Katie as the final two. The same account later informed followers that by the end of the season, Zack would choose Gabi and the two would remain engaged.

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Gabriella "Gabi" Ernikki and Zach CharcrossSource: ABC

There are rumors that Zach will choose Gabriella “Gabi” Elnicki on ‘The Bachelor’

Of course, this is just speculation. So, until either the real-life Steve or Zack himself confirms this idea, we suggest you take this information with a grain of salt.

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According to her official profile, Gabi is a 25-year-old account executive from Pittsford, Vermont. She is settling down and ready to get married, so she “choosed her dream wedding venue on her on Lake Italy,” Como. ‘ Like the lead man, her parents’ precious marriage “was a blueprint for the kind of love she hopes to find.”

When it comes to love, Gabi is looking for an “honest, outdoorsy man who always puts himself first.” Zack should know that it will take Gabi some time to come out of her shell, but once out, she finds her to be “adventurous, loyal, and driven.” increase.

Season 27 of The Bachelor premieres on Monday, January 23, 2023 at 8 PM ET on ABC.


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