Who Trained Yoda in 'Star Wars'? Here's What We Know

Who Trained Yoda in ‘Star Wars’? Here’s What We Know

Source: Lucasfilm

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Even if you’re not a huge Star Wars fan, you know Yoda. With his backwards-talking and pointy ears, this little green alien is one of the smartest Jedi ever to brave the galaxy. He was also one of the oldest Jedi Masters.

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Yoda lived for so long that he knew more about the Force and Jedi teachings than anyone. However, he wasn’t always so knowledgeable and powerful – he was also young and inexperienced at times. It didn’t work.

Who Trained Yoda in ‘Star Wars’?


Source: Lucasfilm

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There are many things about Master Yoda that will likely always remain a mystery to Star Wars fans. The creator probably won’t reveal the name of his species, for example. Yoda’s old master’s name also remains unknown in the canon, but Legend continuity called him N’Kata Del Gormo.

Yoda’s Master is only briefly mentioned in a few books. It is believed

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Yoda has trained many Jedi fans to know and love (or hate) him.

Duel of Yoda and Dooku

Source: Lucasfilm

Once Yoda mastered Jedi teachings, he turned a lot of his attention to teaching the younger generation of Jedi. In Attack of the Clones, the entire pivotal scene takes place in Yoda’s class training his room.

The Master trained Obi-Wan Kenobi and Dooku (before the latter left the Jedi Order and later turned to the Dark Side). He also trained other Jedi Council members, such as Mace Windu.

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Most notably, Yoda trained Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy of Star Wars films. given to the boy.

Why does Yoda speak like that? There is another mystery.

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Like any other Star Wars question, there are in-universe and out-of-universe “answers” here, one being theory, as it’s never really been explained. Another can be summed up in a simple phrase: “Because George Lucas said so.”

Little is known about Yoda’s species (the same species as Grog and Yaddle) in space. So we don’t know exactly where he came from or why he speaks backwards. In fact, when George created the character, he needed a speech that sounded like an alien, so he got creative.

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