Who Plays Anthony in 'Lockwood & Co.'

Who Plays Anthony in ‘Lockwood & Co.’

Source: Netflix

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Who do you want to contact? If you have Netflix, it’s Lockwood & Co. This is the latest spooky series featuring his three hardworking, ghost-hunting teenagers determined to save the world from a global conspiracy.

Or, as Anthony Lockwood puts it, Just Another Tuesday at the Office. am.

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So who is the actor playing the mysterious ghost hunter who founded his own paranormal vermin society? We are exterminating as a business!)

Here’s everything we know about who plays Anthony Lockwood on Lockwood & Co.

Cameron Chapman as Anthony Lockwood

Source: Netflix

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“Lockwood & Company” is Cameron Chapman’s first breakout role.

Cameron Chapman is the man behind the mysterious Anthony Lockwood. With the gravitas Cameron brings to his Lockwood & Co. lead role, you’d think he had acting experience in major roles.

But in a shocking turn of events, Lockwood’s Anthony Lockwood is actually Cameron’s first major acting gig.

Netflix Life reports that Cameron was born on December 15, 2002 and just turned 20 years old.

Fans of the Lockwood & Co star can follow him on his new Instagram account @cameronchapman_. So far, all of his posts have been about promoting the show, but we hope we’re getting more peek into his private life as well.

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Is Cameron Chapman actually British, or is it Anthony’s accent just for the show?

Based on Buzzfeed UK interviews conducted with Cameron and his castmates Ruby Stokes and Ali Haji Heshmaty (who play Lucy and George respectively), it appears that Cameron is British in real life. , is unknown at the time of this writing where he was born or raised.

What other projects does Cameron Chapman have in the works?

According to Cameron’s IMDb page, the actor has no other film or TV projects. But judging by his performance in Lockwood & Co., he could be on many casting his directors’ radars.

Catch more of Cameron in Season 1 of Lockwood & Co. Currently streaming all eight episodes of him on Netflix.


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