Who Is 'Teen Wolf' Actress Krystal Reed Dating?

Who Is ‘Teen Wolf’ Actress Krystal Reed Dating?

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Fans of the franchise couldn’t be happier with Allison Argent returning from the dead in Teen Wolf: The Movie.

Once she returns home, fans want to know more about her dating life. Let’s take a look at her dating history!

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Who is dating Crystal Reed from ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’? Her relationship history explained.

As of this writing, Crystal appears to be living a single life. The actress has not been romantically involved with anyone since she broke up with Scottish-Australian actor and TV host Darren McMullen.

The former couple began their first relationship in 2013 after Darren broke up with Austrian model Lechelle Jenkins two years ago. I was engaged (per Now to Love). Despite the heartbreak, he eventually moved on to Krystal.

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Darren McMullen and Crystal Reid

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In a 2017 interview with New Idea, he hinted at plans to start a family with Crystal. “We want lots of kids,” he told the outlet, adding that the two are in no hurry.

“I was always worried about being an aging father trying to kick a soccer ball with my son, but with modern technology, I think I have a little more leeway, so I don’t really care anymore.” shared. “In my opinion [we’ll postpone kids] Until we got the career we wanted in the first place. ”

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Darren McMullen, Crystal ReedSource: Getty Images

Darren McMullen and Crystal Reed

However, their relationship did not stand the test of time and they broke up in 2019.

Before dating Darren, Crystal was dating her Teen Wolf co-star Daniel Sherman. But why did they part? And is he in a new movie? Read on to find out!

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Crystal Reed’s on-and-off love interest Daniel Sherman wasn’t in “Teen Wolf: The Movie.”

Crystal and Daniel dated for about a year before splitting in 2013. The two actors were tight-lipped about their breakup, but Crystal struggled quite a bit. had to retreat to Paris.

“I went alone and it was cold, but it was still really, really beautiful. I had just gotten over a breakup, so that was my singleness leap,” she told UsWeekly. Told.

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Many hoped Krystal and her ex-boyfriend Danielle would reunite on screen in Teen Wolf: The Movie, but the lovefest never happened. There’s no word on why they haven’t returned to the show or if the two are still in touch today.

Like Danielle, Crystal exited Teen Wolf in 2014. It was reported that the reason Crystal quit the show was that she, who was 29 at the time, was tired of playing a 17-year-old girl. And we totally understand that.


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