Who is Sherry on the Netflix sitcom That '90s Show?

Who is Sherry on the Netflix sitcom That ’90s Show?

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That ’90s Show brought back the famous Point Place basement in Wisconsin. As you know, Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp) and Red (Kurtwood Smith) lived in the basement.

That ’70s Show spin-off takes place in July 1995, nearly 15 years after the events of the ’70s Show series finale. Leia Forman (Callie Havelda), daughter of Eric Forman (Topher Grace) and Donna Pinciotti (Laura Prepon), spends the summer with her grandparents in Wisconsin.

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The silly and naive protagonist befriends an eccentric group of high school students from Point Place and forms a particularly strong bond with rebellious Gwen Rank (Ashley Orfuderhyde), who lives next door to Grandma Kitty and Grandpa Red. Gwen’s somewhat aggressive mother, Sherry, befriends Kitty and Red, even if it’s against their will.

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Who is Sherry on ‘That ’90s Show’?

Sherry, played by Andrea Anders (Joey), is the mother of half-brothers Gwen and Nate (Maxwell Ace Donovan). She is a disoriented and struggling single mother, and she often turns to Kitty and Red for guidance.

Sherry first appears in Episode 2, “Free Leia”. She knocks on Foreman’s door and tries to thank whoever yelled at the kids (it was apparently Red). Ask to use the microwave and spill the tea on the current dating drama. All this at the first meeting.

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Viewers can immediately understand Shelly’s point of view. She’s wayward, dull, erratic, sticky (we’re not judging!) and she needs a little help finding her footing, aren’t we all.

Sherry has mixed feelings about her budding romantic relationship and ultimately decides it was a mistake to date this “clingy” mystery man. Encourage you to “stay away from the blow job” and focus on yourself.


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Amusingly, viewers eventually discover that Shelly’s mystery man is none other than OG character Fez (Wilmer Valderrama), who now owns a chain of hair salons. And after some thought, Sherry decides to give her relationship with Fez another try.

In episode 10, “Kids in America”, Sherry’s staunch landlord is revealed to be Fez’s nemesis Fenton (Jim Rash).

Where did you see Andrea Anders?

You may have seen Andrea Anders star in sitcoms like Friends spin-off Joey (she previously dated Matt LeBlanc for eight years), Better Off Ted, and Mr. Sunshine. Additionally, she has appeared in TV shows such as Modern Her Family, Young Her Sheldon, and Ted Her Lasso.

She’s also appeared in brother Sean Anders films, including the 2022 holiday flick Spirited and the 2008 teen comedy Sex Drive.

In an interview with Pride, Andrea revealed that she’s from Wisconsin, allowing her to connect with Shelley on a deeper level. “I’m from Wisconsin. I know this guy,” she said of Sherry’s character.

Andrea went on to explain that Shelley’s quirky accent is her actual accent. “I worked for years to get rid of that accent, but now I feel free again!” she exclaimed with a chuckle.

You probably know someone like Sherry.

That 90’s Show is now streaming on Netflix.

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