Who is NFL Center Jason Kelce Wife?

Who is NFL Center Jason Kelce Wife?

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With Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles playing center tomorrow, the team will face the San Francisco 49ers to see who makes it to the Super Bowl. His wife is likely to attend as well.

The player started with the Eagles in 2011 and has started all but four games in 2014, when he missed due to a sports hernia. In addition to being consistently injury-free, his ability to pass blocks effectively has been a key influence on Jalen Hurts’ success.

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Kelce played college ball in Cincinnati, first walking as a running back, then switching to fullback, and then to the offensive line after being redshirted. He remained vigilant until his final season when he was moved to center before declaring a draft in 2011, and was selected in the sixth round. The six-time Pro Bowler also has a younger brother named Travis who plays in his NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs as a tight end.

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Who are Jason Kelce’s kids? Will they make it to the NFL playoffs?

Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie McDevitt have been married since 2018. The two met through Tinder, as in many modern relationships. Kylie, who is also an athlete, played field hockey at Cabrini College in Philadelphia. Currently, she works as a teaching assistant for the Merrion School District and is also her assistant coach on the college varsity field hockey. Jason and Kylie have two daughters, Wyatt Elizabeth and Elliott Ray. Wyatt is 4 years old this year and Elliott is 2 years old, so she may go see her dad as he tries to win his second Super Bowl, but she may not remember.

Kylie McDevitt Kelce is clearly happy with Jason if social media is showing any indication. I’m here. Apparently, the only person Jason wanted to grow up with was his father, and he reportedly told his nurse that he was going to be a father when he turned two.

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Jason Kelce's wifeSource: Getty Images

Jason Kelce is a 6’3, 295-pound center who has been playing for the Eagles since 2011.

Jason Kelce may be facing off against his brother in the coming weeks, but the Eagles are more likely to beat the 49ers than the Chiefs to the Bengals, according to Betting Line.

However, the Bengals-Chiefs game is expected to be a close one. Playoffs often have unpredictable consequences, so no one can predict what will happen, but this year’s Super Bowl is shaping up to be an interesting one with four strong teams.


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