Who is Krista London and what's going on with her TikTok drama?

Who is Krista London and what’s going on with her TikTok drama?

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Once upon a time, bouts of misunderstanding between friends lead to disagreements and arguments that are probably resolved within days. We’ll be apart for a while, then finally meet up and just talk calmly about what happened.

Context is important in such situations. But when it comes to social media, context is rarely brought to the table.

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In a now-deleted TikTok, social media influencer Krista London shared some issues her friends had with Reels on Instagram and TikTok. Above all, Christa was her social media consultant, and it was her expertise that a photographer friend less familiar with the horrors of social media needed.

But what started as a funny TikTok ended up in online bullying and harassment. What’s going on with Krista London’s her TikTok drama. Also, since comments are online, should they be restricted?

Christa London

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Get the scoop on Krista London’s TikTok drama here.

Krista may have deleted her TikTok, but an unrelated stranger made the stitches and shared them on her TikTok profile. User Kayleigh Ann Johnson, whose only video is this stitch, revived TikTok to continue the drama Her Train. In her Stitch, Krista laughs and describes how she was trying to teach her friend how to make reels.

“I have a story to tell and she’ll be very angry,” Christa begins with a laugh. Compare that to. So far, not really insulting. “You’re kidding,” Christa exclaimed. “I had a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun. Wait a minute.”

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Christa is certain that this is not a typical client relationship, as she knows this woman personally and even says that their children go to school together. This feels like one friend making fun of another friend. Krista points out that her friend is a very talented photographer, but she’s “fed up with social her media on a whole new level.”

Apparently Krista filmed an educational experience where the friend was filmed laughing hysterically about the tutorial. She didn’t seem angry with anyone. Four hours later, Krista’s job is done. Her review was that she “had a blast” but definitely “needed a solid drink afterwards”.

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Things changed when her husband, a photographer, got involved.

Apparently, the photographer’s husband saw a TikTok and instead of letting Christa know his wife was injured, he took to social media and suggested people attack Krista. It can be argued that the Internet’s involvement in this story is almost entirely his fault. activated as if it were a person.

Shared Stitch by Kayleigh Ann Johnson has a screenshot of her husband’s Facebook post addressing TikTok. It’s partially blocked by Kaley’s caption, but you get the point. increase.

The post concludes with a disturbing call to action. [Krista] Send her a message and let her know this isn’t right.” He even accuses Christa of not empowering women.

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Krista quickly deleted the TikTok and uploaded an apology.

According to Krista in an apology video, she deleted the TikTok after realizing how hurt her friend was. Before it was deleted, the comments were all supportive, but suddenly comments on other videos started popping up, which was very upsetting.

“There are two very separate issues that I think we need to discuss,” Christa says.

Christa apologized again for offending her friend, revealing that she didn’t think it was okay to post. It soon becomes apparent that her negative feelings are partially fueled by her friend’s husband, her photographer. Is that how you empower women? At this point Christa mentions “stitches seen all over the world”. This is another reason for this season.

Her apology tour ends by begging people to leave the photographer and her husband alone. “Take your anger out on me,” Christa says.


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