Who is 'GMA3' host Rhiannon Ally's husband?

Who is ‘GMA3’ host Rhiannon Ally’s husband?

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If you’re still reeling from the scandal between GMA3 anchors Amy Robach and TJ Holmes, we don’t blame you. News of the incident swept the world. So much so that both Amy and TJ aired.

However, Rhiannon Alley soon replaced Amy Roback. A 42-year-old journalist with decades of experience, Rhiannon was the breath of fresh air GMA3 needed.

Meet her fellow newscaster husband now!

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Rhiannon Alley is married to fellow journalist Mike Marza.

Rhiannon Alley’s husband, Mike Malza, has quite an impressive resume. After graduating from college in Kansas, Mike worked as an anchor and reporter for various news outlets including WIBW TV, KHSB, News 12 Long He Island, and ABC News. In 2011, Mike joined WSVN-TV 7 News in Miami where he spent four years as his evening news anchor.

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However, Mike is best known for co-anchoring KSHB-TV with his wife Rhiannon in Kansas City. News During his four-year tenure as an anchor, the journalist won two consecutive Emmy Awards for Best Anchor in the late 2010s.

Mike is currently a general assignment reporter and weekend morning anchor for ABC 7 New York.

Rhiannon Alley and her husband attended the same college.

Go Kangaroo!

Before teaming up with married co-anchors in Kansas City, Rhiannon and Mark attended the same college. Both are graduates of the University of Missouri in Kansas City, Rhiannon received her BA in Broadcast Journalism in 2005.

From 2005 to 2009, Mike was a guest lecturer at UMKC, teaching journalism and media studies classes.

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Rhiannon and Mark live in New York with their three children.

They are no longer in Kansas!

In 2019, the married co-anchor left small-town life behind. That June, Mike assumed his current role as a reporter and anchor for his Channel 7 Eyewitness News. However, his wife Rhiannon appears to have taken a break from reporting. According to Rhiannon’s LinkedIn, she started working as an auxiliary anchor/reporter in December 2021 and landed a full-time role in August 2022.

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During a few years of reporting holidays, Rhiannon wrote a book entitled “Mommy, Please Don’t Go to Work!”

“When Rhiannon’s 4-year-old son begged, ‘Mommy, don’t go to work!’ I knew I had to.” The official description of the book reads:

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The couple has three children, two girls and one boy. Mike frequently documents his family’s adventures on his Instagram. From his Mother’s Day to Thanksgiving, he takes every opportunity to show off his party of three.

And his children seem to be adjusting well to city life. In her Instagram post of a black-and-white photo from last April, Marza and Ally’s kids nonchalantly pose on the subway. mic caption? “# Nick Kids”

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Rhiannon and Mark prioritize trust in their families.

According to Mark’s Instagram page, Catholicism seems to play an important role in his family’s life.

From their son’s first communion photo to their daughter dressed as an angel for Christmas, Rhiannon and Mark appear to be somewhat religious.


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