Who is David Crosby Wife?

Who is David Crosby Wife?

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Sadly, it was recently announced that David Crosby, former member of 1960s groups The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, passed away at the age of 81. It became increasingly clear that his legacy was far-reaching and almost immortal.

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But Crosby didn’t just leave behind a body of work that lifts people’s hearts and sends them back to earth with their beauty. He has a loving family who were by his side when he slipped out of this human coil. Who was David Crosby’s wife? The two were almost inseparable.


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Who Was David Crosby’s Wife?

According to a May 1987 article in United Press International, David Cross and Jan Dance “exchanged vows in a ceremony at the Hollywood Church of Religious Science on Sunset Boulevard.” Bandmate and friend Stephen Stills let Jan go at the wedding, when David Crosby was her 45 and Jan was 35, and the two had been dating for her 12 years. .

According to UPI, in attendance for the star-studded event were “musicians Bonnie Raitt, Joe Walsh, Grace Slick, Roger McGuinn and actor Howard Hessman.”

“I feel so good. I’m so happy,” Yang said, wearing a white wedding dress with a long train.

Before the ceremony, Crosby was asked how the fairing looked. “Absolutely thrilled,” he shared. “Only this side of it is great.”

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How did David Crosby meet Jan Dance?

In his 1990 autobiography, Long Time Gone, David Crosby reflected on his encounter with Jean. At the time, she was working as her coordinator at the recording studio Traffic. Part of her job included booking studio time for musicians, so she got to meet some of the greats.

“I loved music. It was a big door opener for me. The Eagles recorded at Criteria. And the Bee Gees, Eric Clapton, Aretha Franklin… It was a unique time. It was a unique time with the people in the studio.” People, I got to see the people who came to the recording grow up together and actually see the songs and albums come to life,” Jan says in the book. “For me, it was the best gift.”

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David was with someone else when they met, but their interest in each other couldn’t be ignored.

But the happy couple wasn’t without its rough patches: In a May 2021 interview with The Guardian, Jan learned that she also needed to “get off hard drugs.” Curiously, in 1989 Drew, who was 14 at the time, was struggling with addiction as well as his Barrymore.

David credits Jean for his happy and healthy life. .

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That happy life also includes their son Django (born 1995). Jan frequently shares their sweet world on her Instagram. You can feel the years of the two from each photo full of love. One kisses Jean as he sits on his horse. In another photo, they are walking on the beach with their backs to the camera and their arms over each other’s shoulders. There is no pretense between them. That’s love.


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