Who Is Cleopatra Coleman Dating? Learn More About The 'Infinity Pool' Star

Who Is Cleopatra Coleman Dating? Learn More About The ‘Infinity Pool’ Star

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Many horror and sci-fi movies start with an unsuspecting couple leaving their home and having a good time. And her 2023 Infinity Pool starring Cleopatra Coleman and Alexander Skarsgård is no exception.

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Cleopatra and Alexander characters Em and James Foster, when “a fatal accident exposes the resort’s twisted subculture of hedonistic tourism, reckless violence and surreal terror.” We find that their journey involves a lot more than planned. Throughout the film they have to rely on each other to survive.

Cleopatra’s character is a married woman in an infinity pool, but she hasn’t stepped into her actual love life. But who is Cleopatra Coleman dating? Keep reading to find out!

Cleopatra Coleman poses at an event.

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Who is Cleopatra Coleman dating?

Cleopatra started acting as a teenager in the early 2000s. Originally from New Her South, Australia, Wales, she had her first major role as Zandy Her Brokaw in her Australian teenage sci-fi drama Silversun. A few years later, she found success in the US with her Step Up Revolution in 2012, followed by her starring role as Erica Her Dundee in 2015’s The Last Man on Earth on Fox. I was.

The Last Man on Earth brought even more blockbuster success to Cleopatra’s life when she starred in Netflix’s Shadow of the Moon a year after the show ended. ‘s career continues to skyrocket, which may be why she keeps her private life as under wraps as possible.

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(Left): Cleopatra Coleman and Avan Jogia on the 2019 red carpet.Source: Getty Images

(Left): Cleopatra Coleman and Avan Jogia in 2019.

The actor has not had many public relationships since Cleopatra’s career began.In 2017, she began dating Canadian-born actor Avan Jogia. He went on to appear in films such as Shaft, Zombieland: Double Tap, and The Exchange.

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Avan Jogia and Cleopatra Coleman reportedly broke up in 2021.

Throughout Avan and Cleopatra’s relationship, fans have loved seeing them on the red carpet. In a reenactment of her red carpet appearance, she attended Avant’s Zombieland premiere.

The young couple matched Billy Bob and Angelina’s looks perfectly, and Cleopatra rocked a fake tattoo of Avan’s name, replicating Angelina’s ex-husband’s name tattoo on her arm.

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(Left): Cleopatra Coleman, Avan Jogia, Angelina Jolie, Billy Bob Thornton at the premiere of

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Cleopatra and Avan’s relationship appeared to be on track until 2021. That November, Avan’s TikTok fan his account @avanjogiastuff posted his 2020 slideshow duet of the couple’s social his media moments. As the video played to Noah Cyrus’ “Julie,” a user wrote to the left of the duet that the couple was no longer together.

“I’m not okay anymore…they broke up,” they wrote.

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A user added in the comments that Avan and Cleopatra unfollowed each other. We all know this is a sign of trouble. Nevertheless, neither actor has ever confirmed or denied their split. However, the content as a couple has been deleted.

Avan and Cleopatra’s romance isn’t the first time Avan has dated another actor. According to E, they were together for five years before breaking up! news. Nine months later, he and Cleopatra made their first appearance at his 2017 pre-Emmys party.


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