Who is 'Bring Empire' Stair Dorothy Wang?

Who is ‘Bring Empire’ Stair Dorothy Wang?

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Tatyana Yomaly - author

Longtime Bling Empire fans know Dorothy Wang well. After she told the shady queen Kane Lim about herself in the OG series, her beauty penetrated our hearts.

Additionally, fans love that she’s also a business woman with a down-to-earth personality and great fashion sense.

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Many people would like to know more about Dorothy, especially about her dating life. Ultimately, the cast’s dating lives are a boundary between messy and funny lines: Now that Dorothy has taken root in New York City for her spinoff, her fans are wondering if she’s dating anyone. I am thinking.

This is 4-1-1.

Dorothy Wang

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Dorothy Wang looks like #TeamSingle, but could be hired.

Most fans believe that women like Dorothy will never hit the market, but she doesn’t seem to be in a romantic relationship with anyone right now.

Judging by Dorothy’s Instagram page, there’s no indication she’s bonding. It’s not too much.

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However, it’s also possible that Dorothy is quietly seeing someone. In the first season of Bling Empire: New York, Dorothy and her girls meet some guys during the girls’ trip to the Bahamas.

From there, Dorothy connects with a man named Aristidis “Ali” Curcumeris. Ali currently works as a senior attorney in the Office of General Counsel for the U.S. Department of Commerce. Additionally, according to his LinkedIn page, Ali is also an attorney at his firm, Kourkoumelis & Fotopoulos PLLC.

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Dorothy Wang

Dorothy and Ali get to know each other in the series and even get a taste of each other’s worlds. As the season progresses, Dorothy and Ali are still on good terms and their bond as husband and wife deepens.

However, Ali doesn’t appear anywhere on Dorothy’s page, so it can be assumed that the pair either went their separate ways or chose to keep their romance going because they needed to know.

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Dorothy Wang has dated several famous men in the past.

Most people know that Dorothy is the one and only Glam’Azon of Bling Empire, but she’s dated several famous names. was said to be dating Sam Saddam.

However, given that Dorothy was spending time with Ali in the spin-off’s first season, it’s safe to assume that Dorothy and Sam are Danzo.

Dorothy Wang and John Mayer

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Interestingly, Dorothy and singer John Mayer were said to be dating in 2018, when they were pictured hanging out together to celebrate Dorothy’s birthday. Before that, Dorothy was said to be dating rapper French Montana in 2015. However, she refuted her rumors by outright denying it.

It will be interesting to see Dorothy navigate the dating world on Bling Empire: New York.

Bling Empire: New York is available to stream on Netflix.

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