Who is Alix Earl's mom? They look so much alike

Who is Alix Earl’s mom? They look so much alike

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Move on, Addison Ray. There’s a new “it” girl on TikTok these days. Who? Of course it’s Alix Earl!

The University of Miami student from New Jersey now has over 3 million followers on a platform known for posting relevant GRWM and lifestyle videos.

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As Alix’s popularity grows, fans want to know more about her personal life. who is her mom? The 22-year-old has featured her in her TikTok videos before, are they close? Here’s what we know.

Alix Earl

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Who is Alix Earl’s mom?

Alisa Earl is the mother of Alix and sister Ashtin. According to her Alisa’s LinkedIn, she’s a stay-at-home mom living in Farmingdale, New Jersey, and she describes herself as “a smart and selfless mother of two.”

Mother and daughter seem to have a strong bond.

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Alisa was previously married to Alix’s father, Thomas “TJ” Earl, a prominent figure in the Garden State construction industry.

But in 2008, it all came under fire when the New York Post reported that TJ had cheated on Alisa with a woman named Ashley Dupre. Because it was a former call girl I was in a relationship with before I stepped down from public office.)

Alisa and TJ quietly divorce. Then, in 2013, she married TJ and Ashley in Paris, and she officially became Alix’s stepmother. TJ and Ashley also welcomed her three children together, Isabelle, Penelope, and Thomas, her James II.

It’s unclear if Alix is ​​on good terms with Ashley, but she occasionally shoots TikTok with her brother-in-law.

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Alix Earle took her mom on a Tarte influencer trip in Dubai.

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Alix also shared a dazzling video in a sparkly dress when the mother-daughter duo arrived in Dubai. A closer look reveals the similarity of the pair. They are really twins!


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