Who is Adam Scott's wife? He has been married since 2005

Who is Adam Scott’s wife? He has been married since 2005

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Thanks to roles in everything from Parks and Recreation to Severance, Adam Scott has forged a unique and compelling career working in television. Now, after a recent appearance on the Boy Meets World podcast, some fans of the actor want to know more about his wife, Naomi. was more intrigued as to who she was.

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Who is Adam Scott’s wife, Naomi?

Naomi Scott is a producer who started her career as an assistant on the TV show Crank Yankers. She is best known for producing films such as her Other People and the TV show Ghosted, which starred her husband.

Her work seems to have slowed down somewhat in recent years, but it turns out that Adam and Naomi didn’t actually meet through a Hollywood connection.

Adam Scott and Naomi Scott

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Instead, they met at a bar on Sunset Blvd.According to the New York Times article, Naomi asked Adam if he had any backup plans to perform. He didn’t, but thankfully, in the end, they both worked out and got married in 2005.

Although they keep their relationship relatively private, Adam has discussed the role his wife plays in his life on several occasions.

“I couldn’t do it without Naomi,” he said in an interview with SheKnows. It’s going to be easy. We try to keep our kids out and away from all things Hollywood so they can stay kids for as long as possible…as much as possible.”

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Naomi and Adam have two children.

As Adam hinted, he and Naomi have two children, Graham and Frankie. Adam and Naomi have done a very good job of keeping their kids out of the spotlight — her Instagram is private and she rarely posts photos of her family.

On the occasion of him posting a photo of the whole family, everyone looks healthy, happy and surprisingly normal.

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In a Mother’s Day tribute on Instagram, Adam wrote, “It’s hard to put into words how lucky I am to have a partner as amazing, hilarious and beautiful as @nfscott.” Yes, and as a result, I’m amazed at how kind, smart, and caring people our children are, and she’s been guarding the fort for months while I’ve been trying to raise a parent on Zoom. Mother’s Day 1 year.

Don’t confuse her with any other Naomi Scott.

Scott is obviously Naomi’s postmarital name, but there’s another Naomi Scott who works as an actress and singer and is probably best known for her roles in the live-action Aladdin and Charlie’s Angels. It’s easy to get confused when you think about how close they are, but they’re different people. They’ve actually met at least once.


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