Who Are the Capasso Triplets in 'Extreme Sisters'?

Who Are the Capasso Triplets in ‘Extreme Sisters’?

Melissa Willets - author

Fans of TLC’s addictive reality series Extreme Sisters may be thrilled to meet the new super-bonded siblings introduced on the show. Season 2 will debut on her January 23, 2023, and will feature the intriguing Capasso triplets.

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Who Are the Capasso Triplets in ‘Extreme Sisters’?

Capasso triplet from

For those unfamiliar with this reality series, the TLC recap explains: Their obsession with each other goes too far, and they relentlessly refuse to change their unconventional ways of life. “

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Capasso’s triplets definitely live up to the show’s description. obsessed with each other? check! Radical? A resounding “yes”. The self-proclaimed gamer and blogger live together in Staten Island, New York, according to the sisters’ shared Instagram account.

Not only do reality stars sleep in the same room, they actually doze in the same bed and even “sleep together,” according to In Touch Weekly. [their] legs intertwined. “We share bras, clothing, and shoes,” admits the sisters, who also reportedly spend their vacations together.

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Hannah, Catherine, and Nadia’s closeness creates tension with other family members.

Judging by the Season 2 previews of Extreme Sisters, the Capasso triplet bond isn’t exactly fun for outsiders. Families seem frustrated with the women’s insistence on speaking in their own language, including demanding, “Speak English!”

Meanwhile, Hannah, Catherine, and Nadia’s social media accounts don’t share much with their fans. Their TikTok is effectively made up of his TLC stars dancing in short clips.

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A shocking moment in the trailer reveals that the sisters’ significant others struggle to accept their intimacy.

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