Who Are Percy Hynes White's Parents? What We Know So Far

Who Are Percy Hynes White’s Parents? What We Know So Far

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Actor Percy Hines-White was best known as Andy Stryker in the FOX series The Gifted before starring as the brooding Xavier Thorpe in Wednesday’s hit Netflix show. The Canadian actor has been in the entertainment industry since he was eight years old, but he’s not the only actor in his family.

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Who are Percy Hines White’s parents? You might be surprised to see their resume. Keep reading for everything we know about the Hynes White family.

2019 interview with Joel Thomas Hines and Sherry White.

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Who are Percy Hynes White’s parents?

Percy Hynes White is from St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. His father is Joel Thomas Hines, a Canadian writer, actor and director. His novel Down to the Dirt was made into a movie, in which Joel also played the lead role. In 2014, Joel and Percy co-starred in his film Cast No Shadow.

Percy’s mother, Sherry White, is a Canadian film actress and author best known for her work in television series such as MVP, Rookie Blue and Saving Hope, in which Percy also starred. She was also the director of the movie ‘Cracky’ in which Percy starred in a supporting role.

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The Hynes White family is no stranger to collaborating, with both Joel and Sherry serving as writers and producers on the BBC show Orphan Black. Shelley has appeared in Dirt with her husband and Percy has appeared in several films with her father.It’s unclear how Shelley and Joel first met, but rest assured . The whole family seems to share a great passion not only for acting, but also for writing and producing.

Percy Hines White and his father Joel Hines discuss 'Cast No Shadow' in 2016.

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Joel and Shelley spoke to CBC News about his breakout role when their son booked the role of Xavier on Wednesday. Sherry replied.

The pair also revealed that Percy had auditioned for Netflix before for a smaller franchise known as Stranger Things. did not fulfill “It’s just a blessing that he didn’t get it then,” Joel said.

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Percy Hynes White and Tim Burton

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Percy reunites with Wednesday’s co-star Jenna Ortega in a new romantic comedy.

If Wednesday didn’t get enough of Xavier and Wednesday Dynamics, it was recently announced by Deadline on December 17, 2022 that the duo will reunite for the romantic comedy Winter Spring Summer or Fall. The film has been described as “before Sunrise encounters the perks of being a wallflower”, and his story of two “at the height of adulthood who meet and fall in love over four crucial days of the year”. I’m following the teens (Haines White and Ortega).

The film will be executive produced by Jenna herself and directed by Tiffany Paulsen, who wrote the romantic comedies The Holiday and About Fate. It’s currently unknown if the film will hit theaters or Netflix, but it should give fans something to look forward to between seasons on Wednesday.

Season 1 on Wednesday is streaming now on Netflix.

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