Where was Netflix's wrestling drama Against the Ropes filmed?

Where was Netflix’s wrestling drama Against the Ropes filmed?

Source: Brenda Islas/Netflix

Scarlett Gruber in Netflix’s “Against the Ropes”

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Netflix viewers were quick to join the ring with the streaming service’s latest original series, Against the Ropes. Part comedy and part drama, this series focuses on family through the lens of the world of Lucha Libre. Her protagonist, Angela, has been released after serving six years in prison, but when she returns home, she struggles to connect with her loved ones.

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Learning that her daughter Rocío is a fan of wrestling, Angela adopts the alter ego of “La Novia Negra” and begins a wrestling career in hopes of rebuilding that bridge. Below, as heartwarming as it is hilarious, audiences have asked where Against the Rope is being filmed. Read on to find out.

Maria Balaam in Netflix's Source: Brenda Islas/Netflix

Maria Balaam in Netflix’s “Against the Ropes”

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Netflix’s ‘Against the Ropes’ was filmed in Mexico City’s Iztapalapa neighborhood.

Mexico isn’t the only setting for Against the Rope. The series was filmed in and around Mexico City in his 2022.

According to an Instagram post by star Scarlett Gruber (Dulce Caramelo/Sweet Caramel), one of the filming locations was the Iztapalapa neighborhood on the east side of Mexico City. He is also one of the most populous regions, with Data Mexico reporting that he had about 1.8 million people living there in 2020.

In the entertainment world, Iztapalapa is home to Mexico City’s annual Passion Play, which draws nearly two million people to its Easter pageant.

The district also hosts the Festival del Fuego Nuevo (New Falls) in November and December. The festival celebrates Mexican culture in both past and present forms, from ancient Mexican traditions to modern Mexican cinema.

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The wrestling scenes in “Against the Ropes” were filmed at Arena Naucalpan, Mexico.

A wrestling-centric series needs an impressive arena, and an Instagram post by director Mao Medina reveals that Against the Rope filmed the wrestling scene at Arena Naucalpan. As its name suggests, it is an indoor sports arena located in Naucalpan de Juarez, northwest of Mexico City.

The venue is specially configured for wrestling events, so it has a lot of Lucha Libre history. The ring seen in Against the Rope is permanently in the center of the arena.

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Arena Naucalpan has been home to Mexico’s International Wrestling Revolution Group since 1996, but has hosted other promotions since its opening in 1977.

The venue holds 2,400 spectators, making it very small compared to most arenas in the United States. However, the smaller space makes it easier to get the camera closer to the wrestling action, which could be good for filming TV series like Against the Ropes.

The Netflix series has won fans for its family-friendly stories, but it also does a great job of showing viewers the Mexico City area and some of its more memorable locations.

Against the Rope is streaming now on Netflix.

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