Where was "I Am Jazz" filmed? The Jennings family travel a lot

Where was “I Am Jazz” filmed? The Jennings family travel a lot

Chrissy Bobik - author

When I Am Jazz premiered on TLC in 2015, viewers asked more questions than just where the show was filmed. But since it aired for almost eight seasons and fans have gotten to know Jazz Jennings and her family, many are wondering where I Am Jazz was filmed and how long it took to film one season. I would like to know if it will take and what is planned for the future. TLC series.

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It’s unclear how many more seasons of I Am Jazz will air on the network, but no matter what, TLC seems to have a home. Her family seems to have no problem getting things back to share life with viewers.

And season eight is no different after the long hiatus after the seventh season.

Jazz Jennings and her family

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Where was “I Am Jazz” Filmed?

Jazz and her family are from Florida, and the majority of the show is filmed in the sunny state. However, to be more precise, the show is filmed in the town of Coral Springs. Located in southeastern Florida, not far from Fort Lauderdale. The area is a very nice place for families to live and home prices are hers among the highest in the state.

Although the show is primarily filmed in Florida, the Jennings family often take family vacations, whether they travel to Washington, DC or go on a ski trip to Utah. And now that Jazz is attending college at Harvard, Shaw’s film is also showing in Boston.

Admittedly, filming doesn’t happen as much during each semester, as filming isn’t allowed at Harvard. It means that you must

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At the time of filming season 8, Jazz’s older sister Ali Jennings was living in Arkansas. Griffen’s twin, Sander Jennings, still lives in the house.

But now that Jazz is out of school, their parents are trying to keep the house to themselves for the first time in years. Of course, families often get together for extended stays at their parents’ home in Florida, but Jazz and her siblings are all grown up.

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Is Jazz Jennings Still In College With ‘I Am Jazz’?

In season 7 of I Am Jazz, viewers watch Jazz struggle to adjust to adulthood as he prepares to enroll in an out-of-state college. She struggled with mental health and she decided to take her leave before going to Harvard, which turned out to be the right move for her in the end. In August 2022, she entered a prestigious university in her second year.

Jazz will spend most of the year at school and return to Florida for summer and spring break, so I am Jazz will no longer be shot exclusively in Florida. When season 7 ended, viewers were worried that Jazz’s move to college would end the show for good. But apparently, the Jennings family still wants their story told on reality TV, even though it’s now being played across the country.

Catch I Am Jazz on TLC Tuesday at 10 PM ET.

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