Where was "East New York" filmed?

Where was “East New York” filmed?

Source: CBS

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If there’s one TV genre that’s certainly not in short supply, it’s police proceedings. However, CBS’ latest crime drama series East New York approaches the tried-and-true formula differently.

Detective Regina Haywood (Amanda Warren) is dedicated to serving her community first, doing everything in her power to ensure the well-being of her young, working-class neighborhood.

Based only in Brooklyn, let’s take a closer look at some of the East New York filming locations.

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Kevin Rankin as Det.Tommy Killian, Richard Kind as Captain Stan Yenko, Amanda Warren as Regina Haywood

Source: CBS

Where was “East New York” filmed?

Filming for East New York will take place in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York City. More specifically, the Police Proceedings series takes place in East New York, Brooklyn’s most eastern residential neighborhood. am.

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“The great thing about filming here is that we’re in East New York and around it and you can really feel what the community is like,” Warren told Entertainment Tonight in September.

“There are really beautiful people here, really beautiful parks and recreation, and activities to do. We want to highlight that in our program.”

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According to IMDb, Goody’s Bar is a filming location you can visit in East New York. However, the facility is actually called by a different name.

Essence Bar & Restaurant is located on the corner of Atlantic and Troy Avenues in Brooklyn and serves authentic Southern soul food.

According to the series’ promotion, the new lot is a separate neighborhood where filming took place.

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Amanda Warren as Regina Haywood and Johnny May as Belle Lacy

Source: CBS

“Is the 74th District of East New York true?”

The 74th District of East New York is a stand-in for the 75th District of New York. Built in 1886, the actual historic police station is his three stories high and became part of the National Register of Historic Places in 2007.

According to the NYPD website, “The 75th Precinct serves the easternmost part of Brooklyn and encompasses East New York and Cypress Hills.” It is located at 1000 Sutter Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.

However, no East New York filming takes place in this building. Scenes within the fictional 74th precinct may take place on set.

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East New York residents oppose new police procedures.

Many longtime residents of East New York were unhappy with CBS’s decision to focus on the neighborhood. increase.

“It feeds the stigma more than it helps the continued progress we’ve been making,” Melinda Perkins, district manager of the neighborhood community board, told Spectrum News NY1.

“This will give the world a different view of East New York. The question is, does it reflect who we really are?”

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Jimmy Smits as Chief John Suarez and Amanda Warren as Regina Haywood

Source: CBS

But Jimmy Smits, who plays Chief Johnny Suarez in East New York, grew up in the area and sees it differently.

“It’s kind of an ode to Brooklyn in general, but when I heard it specifically when they were doing something called East New York, it was about the area and what it meant to me.” and I can connect a lot about that framework, in terms of what this current story we’re in is,” Smits said.

You can stream season 1 of East New York on CBS.


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