Where to see 'Alice, Darling' starring Anna Kendrick

Where to see ‘Alice, Darling’ starring Anna Kendrick

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Alice, Darling follows a group of friends to help Alice escape an abusive boyfriend.

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Lionsgate’s new thriller Alice, Darling follows Alice, played by Anna Kendrick, as she is invited to a friend’s birthday retreat. Little does she know that these few days away from her boyfriend will be the catalyst she needs to finally escape his psychological abuse.

When her friends notice her insecurities and tell her about her problems, she begins to regain control and move away from her abuser, but they also have to contend with his vengeance. It’s released, is there anywhere I can stream it?

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Aside from Anna Kendrick of ‘Pitch Perfect’ fame, the film also stars ‘Lovecraft Country’, ‘Loki’ and ‘Letterkenny’ actress Eunmi Mosak. The two actresses work well together, but Kendrick’s character is trapped in a submissive psyche manipulated out of fear by her boyfriend Simon. She wonders why traveling with her friends is so serious as to lie and why Alice is so afraid.

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What is “Alice, Darling”?

The trailer shows Mosaku’s character, Sophie, spending her birthday vacation at a cabin and inviting Alice over. I’m rehearsing what I’m going to say to Simon. She lies that she is on a business trip, but she can’t shake her anxiety that she will find out and get angry even if she is away. Things get out of hand for her when Simon looks through Alice’s emails and finds the shack they’re staying at. Fans can only see it in theaters for now, but she could be on Peacock and Roku in the near future.

The story of a woman pushed to her breaking point who, with the help of her friends, reaffirms her self-control and manages to get out of a bad guy, “Alice, Darling” creates a slowly building tension, It eventually snaps. There are anxiety-inducing scenes of hair falling out, insects trapped in glass, and a general atmosphere of helplessness and trappedness, but Simon isolates Alice from her friends. can not do. Simon doesn’t love her, he wants to own her.

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How to watch Alice DarlingSource: Lionsgate

Alice’s friends support her and help him fight his abuser.

Anna Kendrick gives an excellent performance of someone who comes to grips with her own reality and breaks free from her abuser’s conditioning. It’s as poignant as the fear subtly shows on her face when a friend first asks her out.

Such men drive a wedge between the victim’s support network and try to isolate their partner so that they can more easily manipulate them.

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