Where is the Brett Kavanaugh documentary stream?

Where is the Brett Kavanaugh documentary stream?

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Few people in politics have generated more controversy in recent years than Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Since being appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court by former President Donald Trump in 2018, Kavanaugh’s name has been attached to a string of controversial verdicts and sexual assault allegations. We are trying to uncover more details surrounding the woman who made the allegations.

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Indeed, a new film titled Justice looks to shed more light on the circumstances the Judge was allegedly perpetrated. So where are the projects available for streaming?

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Where can I stream the Brett Kavanaugh documentary Justice?

At the time of writing, Justice is not available to stream on any known service.The film will have a surprise premiere at the Sundance Festival on January 20, 2023, according to the Associated Press, and has not appeared in the festival line-up to date. did not.

The film was produced in complete secrecy by filmmaker Doug Lyman and debuted to sold-out theaters surrounded by armed security guards. No announcements have been made yet regarding delivery to streaming services.

Overall, the new film focuses on Kavanaugh’s former Yale classmate Deborah Ramirez and other survivors. down and claimed to have thrust his penis into her. Another of Kavanaugh’s Yale classmates, Max Stier, was also tapped for justice, corroborating Deborah’s claims and adding further allegations against the judge.

Doug discovers that approximately 4,500 pieces of information about Kavanaugh have been sent to the FBI through FOIA requests.

When allegations first came to light during Kavanaugh’s nomination process, a judge vehemently denied he had assaulted anyone. “My friends and I, boys and girls, drank beer,” he continually said at hearings held to determine his suitability for the Supreme Court. He was never prosecuted for his claims, and he still sits on the Supreme Court today.


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