Where is 'Poker Face' streaming? Where to watch the new series

Where is ‘Poker Face’ streaming? Where to watch the new series

Source: Peacock

Just two months after Glass Onion hit Netflix, mystery enthusiast Rian Johnson is already back with Poker Face. Starring Natasha Lyonne, this weekly mystery her series follows Lyon’s Charlie Kale as she hits the road and encounters strangers and even stranger mysteries.

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Many people are naturally interested in the show, and more specifically, how they can watch it.

Where is ‘Poker Face’ streamed?

Four episodes of Poker Face are now available for streaming. Many people would like to know where they can actually watch them. After all, the show is streaming exclusively on Peacock, who won the bidding war for the series.

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Natasha Lyonne

Source: Peacock

“Poker Face” is a deliberate setback.

In an era when most television was heavily serialized, Poker Face was designed as a throwback to weekly shows like Colombo and The Rockford File, with Natasha Lyonne at the center of it all.

The show has a bit of a framing device, as Natasha’s Charlie is forced to leave the house after getting into trouble with a cowboy who sends hitmen following her.

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However, most of Poker Face’s line-up changes from episode to episode, so there are a number of exciting guest stars slated to appear on the show. The trailer alone gives us a glimpse of Adrien Brody as the casino tycoon, a more mysterious character played by Chloe Sevigny, and additional characters played by Tim Meadows and Ellen Barkin. Blake Nelson, Nick Nolte, Stephanie Sue and many other familiar faces are also included.

Rian Johnson wants to bring back the “procedural fun”.

In an interview with The Ringer, Johnson explained that one of the reasons he created Poker Face was because of the way such procedurals can be comforting.

“Part of the appeal of doing one of these shows is recognizing the comfort food factor that I have and going back to the concept of true procedural pleasure – having the same pattern and doing it every time. A single episode of something that repeats,’ he explained

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Johnson also explained that he was very interested in reviving the old procedural and incredibly popular Guest Star of the Week format.

“This week’s guest star was something I was really conscious of wanting to incorporate into it,” he said. It’s a pleasure.”

Poker Face has received glowing reviews and seems to be exactly the kind of throwback many have hoped for. Few shows have made it big from Peacock, but Poker Face has the kind of accolades and appeal needed to make NBC Universal’s service a more substantial competitor.


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