Where is "Married at First Sight's Honeymoon Location"?

Where is “Married at First Sight’s Honeymoon Location”?

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Married couples at first sight change from season to season, but we can always expect them all to meet on a joint honeymoon. So where is the honeymoon on MAFS Season 16? No, but producers always take newlyweds out to tropical locations for a week or so, with tough conversations, first encounters, and even declarations of love.

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For some MAFS couples, it may seem impossible to feel love for each other soon after marriage and immediately after meeting for the first time. The romantic setting of the honeymoon helps some new couples realize how strong their feelings are already.

Dominic and Mack in Source: Lifetime

Dominique and Mack face the challenge together in “Married at First Sight.”

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Where is Season 16’s “Love at first sight” honeymoon?

On the January 25th episode of MAFS, five couples from season 16 leave for their group honeymoon. According to Instagram spoiler account MAFSFan, they travel to Jamaica to stay at the Grand Palladium Jamaica. This all-inclusive resort in Montego Bay features a beach perfect for intimate, serious conversations between newlyweds.

Rooms typically run from $427 to $522 per night. The chosen destination is usually detailed during the honeymoon episode, so MAFS may have struck a deal. It’s like an extended advertisement for a resort or hotel.

Whether or not these newlyweds are actually the perfect destination to fall in love and start building a future together is still up for debate.

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I’m honeymoon ready I checked out during these weddings lol #mafs

— Switzerland 🍫 (@Sashea_Fierce) January 19, 2023

Who will pay for the ‘Married at First Sight’ honeymoon?

If there’s one thing MAFS attendees don’t have to worry about when marrying a stranger, it’s paying for the event. Not only that, but the show is also expected to pay for their honeymoon. He said he was willing to participate in the show.

Also, other cast members of the international version of the show have stated in the past that basically everything was paid for by the production. It makes sense, because it’s hard to imagine that.

So even if the marriage doesn’t work out, at least the cast of each season will probably get 100% free travel.

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