Where are the Mandrell sisters now? Here's the scoop

Where are the Mandrell sisters now? Here’s the scoop

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The ladies arrived on season 27 of The Bachelor, and from the moment she stepped out of the limousine (in this case, the party bus), Christina Mandrell piqued the interest of some viewers.A 26-year-old from Nashville content creator stands out for his extroverted personality and turns out to be associated with country music royalty.

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That’s right, Christina’s aunt is Country Music Hall of Famer Barbara Mandrell. She’s also the daughter of Ellen Arlene Mandrell, one of Barbara’s sisters. With that said, where are the Mandrell sisters now?!

1970s Barbara MandrellSource: Getty Images

1970s Barbara Mandrell

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Where are the Mandrell sisters now?

Barbara is the Mandrell’s eldest daughter and has been in the limelight since childhood.

She had great success in the late 70’s and early 80’s, with multiple Billboard Hot 100 songs, including “Woman to Woman” and “(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want to Be Right.” bottom. Throughout her career, Barbara has received several major accolades, including two Grammy Awards and the Entertainer of the Year Award from her Association of Country Music.

After a car accident in 1984, Barbara considered retirement. However, she returned to the recording booth in 1985, where she boasted hits like “Nobody Repairs a Broken Heart Like You” and “Fastlanes and Country Roads.” She continued to release records and tour well into her 90s, but by 1997, Barbara officially announced her retirement.

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Then there is Thelma Louise.

Born on July 13, 1954, she had a successful career in country music during the 1970s and 1980s. Louise embarked on a solo career, but after seeing no success, joined sisters Barbara and Arlene on the television variety show Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters. Her fame skyrocketed thanks to her display of multi-instrumental talent.

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Louise broke out as a solo recording artist in 1983 with hits like “Too Hot to Sleep” and “I’m Not Through Loving You Yet.” Since then she has turned her attention to her theater and writing. However, 30 years later, she released her 11th studio album, Playing Favorites, in 2019. Louise appeared on her Opry stage on October 13, 2022 and she continues to perform to this day.

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As for Christina’s mother, Ellen Arlene is Mandrell’s youngest child. She rose to fame as a cover girl model and later gained national recognition when she starred with her sisters in Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters. Joined the cast of Hee Haw as a person.

Since the late 90’s, Irlene has hosted the annual Irlene Mandrell Celebrity Shoot. This is a sports clay shooting event to raise funds for Wish Upon a Star and the Boy Scouts of America. She is also the host of her faith-based weekly radio show, “God Rains Miracles,” in Nashville Her Country Network Internet Her radio station, Renegade She Radio She is Nashville.

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