"When we break up" TikTok song, explained

“When we break up” TikTok song, explained

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Gone are the days when you had to turn on the radio to hear the latest tunes. Now TikTok dictates what’s poppin’. The latest bop to take over the platform is the song “If We Ever Broke Up,” and we’re totally obsessed.

The viral song first appeared on TikTok in late December 2022. As of this writing, his viral video has over a million views, causing an all-too-relevant trend.

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But who is the musical genius who wrote the viral breakup anthem? Meet Mae Stevens! Read on to learn more about viral sounds.

May Stevens

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Meet Mae Stephens, the artist behind her famous song “If We Ever Broke Up” on TikTok.

The artist behind “If We Broke Up, I’d Never Be Sad” is musician Mae Stephens, who has amassed a total of 200,000 followers since releasing the lyric video on TikTok on December 29, 2023 .

It starts like this: “If you’re wondering if someone understands/Darling, I don’t understand you/You wake up at night waiting for someone to be right If you have/baby, oh your karma is due,” she sings in the song. “It’s like, I’ll never hate you/But only if you want to/Who knew so many times?/The music we fell in love with/I fell in love with Song / Boy, I feel so wrong about this too.

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But it was the chorus that really got people going.

“Even if we broke up, I’d never be sad/I’m thinking of all the things we had/If we ever broke up/If we ever broke up, I will call your dad/and tell him all the worst things you’ve ever been through…said/if we ever broke up,” the song continues.

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May had debuted the song on TikTok long before it went viral, but this time the algorithm really worked. “I need this [Apple Music]’, one TikToker pleaded in the comments section. “I was dumped last week.”

Sadly, the song won’t be available for streaming until February 10th.

May Stevens

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Some users criticized the artist for delaying the release of the song, suggesting that “If We Broke Up” will be played by the time it drops on streaming platforms, and compared the track to Sam Smith’s “Unholy”. compared to But good things come to the waiting TikTokers too.

Even before its release, there are many users who have taken advantage of its sound to create a cute new style.

I explained the TikTok trend of “when we break up”.

Mae only released a one-minute snippet of “If We Ever Broke Up,” but it hit more than a few TikTokers.

“If we broke up, I’d be sorely lost, depressed like the sun had gone, funded at least three therapists, and knew one nail would break from a non-slippery sock vacation.” Dancing to this bop.” One user captioned her video.

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For more on Mae Stevens, fans can check out her singles “White Lies” and “Infamous Kiss.” These are now available for streaming on Spotify. and apple music. His 2020 songs “I Want You to Be Here” and “Devil Eyes” on TikToker can also be streamed on the latter.


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