When was 'I am Jazz' season 8 filmed? Jazz is now in college

When was ‘I am Jazz’ season 8 filmed? Jazz is now in college

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When Season 7 of I Am Jazz ended, Jazz Jennings was ready to begin his next adventure at Harvard University. There were even cryptic social media posts from the cast with wording that made it seem like the show was over for good. But now that season 8 has begun, when was season 8 of I Am Jazz filmed?

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Jazz is still at Harvard, so now is not the season for her to go home and take time off from school to rediscover herself. As always, there’s a lot going on in jazz, and the show takes fans.

Jazz Jennings and her family

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When was ‘I Am Jazz’ season 8 filmed?

The trailer for I Am Jazz’s eighth season didn’t immediately explain, but it looks like filming began not long after Jazz began her first year at Harvard. In August 2022, she will begin her second year at Ivy League School, and the first part of Season 8 will take place in the summer after her first year, which was the summer of 2022.

The Season 8 trailer features a scene where Jazz marches for trans rights. And in October 2022, Harvard University hosted a Trans + Community event on campus. Even if the jazz event wasn’t on campus, the two events may have occurred around the same time. It’s also quite possible that I Am Jazz filmed Season 8 during his freshman year and his sophomore year at Jazz. And the season also delves into her dating life.

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Jazz hasn’t been seriously dating anyone in years, but she’ll be back on the dating scene in Season 8 with a blind date. Her outfit she wears in the trailer is the same one she wears in her Instagram post from August 2022. So now it looks like the eighth season was filmed before it finally premiered on TLC.

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Jazz left for Harvard at the end of season seven of “I Am Jazz.”

When Jazz moved out of the house at the end of Season 7 and finally attended Harvard after taking a sabbatical for mental health, it seemed like the right time for I Am Jazz to take a break. , Jazz’s mother, Janet Jennings, told Media Village in a February 2022 interview that she was not allowed to shoot at Harvard, making it nearly impossible for Jazz to continue the show while she was in school. I thought

But apparently the family found a way around it. Whether that means filming in Boston outside of school, or keeping jazz segments for when she visits home during various breaks in her first year of school. , the entire Jennings family is back.

Catch I Am Jazz on TLC Tuesday at 10 PM ET.


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