When and where is 'Infinity Pool' streaming?

When and where is ‘Infinity Pool’ streaming?

Source: Neon

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Have you seen the trailer for Infinity Pools yet?

In other words, a chilling sci-fi horror movie directed by Brandon Cronenberg and starring Alexander Skarsgard, Cleopatra Coleman, and Mia Goth looks like a really dark good time. If you are prone to nightmares, this movie is not for you!

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As the film’s synopsis reads, “James and Em Foster enjoy an all-encompassing beach vacation on the fictional island of La Toluca, when a fatal accident causes hedonistic tourism, reckless violence, and a slaughterhouse of violence.” , the resort’s twisted subculture of surreal horror is exposed.”

If you’re not scared of the infinity pool (okay, horror movie addicts!), here are all the details we know about when and where the movie will stream. Keep reading for all the chilling details (no, seriously, the movie is terrifying).

Mia Goth as Gabi and Alexander Skarsgard as James Foster in

Source: Neon

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When and where will ‘Infinity Pool’ be streamed?

At the time of this writing, Infinity Pools is currently showing in physical movie theaters (yes, it’s still showing). Where will streaming go once infinity pools leave theaters?

The streaming service for the movie has yet to be confirmed, but we do know that Infinity Pools won’t be streaming on HBO Max, given that the movie wasn’t distributed/produced by Warner Bros.

The movie was produced by Neon, and according to Hidden Remote, several Neon movies have actually found a streaming home on Hulu due to deals with the production company and the platform. However, several other Neon movies have found a streaming home on Prime Video.

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As the decider noted in its report, the final neon movie, The Triangle of Sorrow, streamed about 45 days after its theatrical release. But until then, I’ll keep an eye on it.

Also note that the infinity pool is rated NC-17, so this is by no means a children’s movie.


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