What's TikTok's mermaid core aesthetic? Get the scoop

What’s TikTok’s mermaid core aesthetic? Get the scoop

Every week, TikTok users seem to create a different aesthetic to suit their creative needs. For those who keep counting, there are plenty of aesthetics so far, such as “Dark Academia,” “Coastal Grandmother,” “Cottagecore,” and “Rockstar Girlfriend.” consists of common items found in the user’s closet, rearranged to suit the desired effect.

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But now users are taking their fashion sense to a little more fantastical place with the creation of the “Mermaid Core” TikTok aesthetic. What are trends? Keep reading for everything you need to know.

"mermaid core" TikTok aesthetics

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What is TikTok’s aesthetic trend ‘Mermaid Core’?

Tenants of “Mermaid Core,” as you might imagine, rely heavily on mermaids, or popular ideas about what mermaids look like. Rainbow, silver, or other watery colored clothing and makeup are a must. Braids and fishtail hairstyles with beachy and wet-looking waves are also frequent trend staples, layered and ruffled dresses in see-through, silk and sheer fabrics are also a must, especially beaded his pearls. details.

Additional “Mermaid Core” features include heavy gemstones, especially those incorporating sea elements such as sea glass, pearls, and shells. Skirt or top in net material. Also sometimes “siren” eye makeup is done. This one features black lining of the eyes to achieve a smooth look.

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“Mermaid Core” appeared to pop up online as early as October 2021. Entertainment Tonight. The siren eye’ eye makeup trend became popular when it took the place of smokey or doe eye makeup. “Sirencore” is sometimes referred to as the “Dark Her Mermaid” look, featuring intentionally dirty makeup and dark clothing.

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Film references that may be attributed to a “mermaid core” or “siren core” aesthetic include Aquamarine, The Little Mermaid (and future live-action versions), Splash, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Mermaids . TV shows that fit the aesthetic label include H20: Just Add Water, Siren, and Mako Mermaids.

One user, @ashleyasapp, posted a TikTok to help those interested in “mermaidcore” trend better. Citing an example from her closet, she said, “I got this belt for $5, but you can’t go wrong with getting a belt and adding little trinkets, little seashells, etc.

Once in a while, anyone can enjoy the magic of dressing up as a mermaid princess, regardless of age!


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