What year is 'Vienna Blood' set? Here's what we know

What year is ‘Vienna Blood’ set? Here’s what we know

Source: PBS Masterpiece

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The BBC series ‘Vienna Blood’ is back and better than ever. The book-to-TV adaptation of the psychological thriller kicks off its third season on January 8, with crime-solving duo Max Liebermann (Matthew Beard) and Oskar Reinhardt (Jürgen Maurer) once again taking the streets of Vienna by storm. increase.

You must be wondering when Viennese Blood takes place, a historical drama set in one of the world’s most famous cities. Here’s what we know.

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Source: PBS Masterpiece

What is “Vienna Blood”?

Based on Frank Tallis’ Lieberman Papers novel, Vienna Blood tells the story of brilliant British doctor Max Lieberman (Matthew Matthews) as he investigates a series of gruesome murders in Vienna in the early 1900s. Beard) and surly detective inspector Oskar Reinhardt (Jürgen Maurer).

Together, Liebermann and Reinhardt are quite the crime-solving duo.A young student of Sigmund Freud, Liebermann is very gifted in psychoanalysis. On the other hand, his partner Reinhardt is determined to solve each case.

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Now in its third season, Liebermann and Reinhardt are a proven pairing. Lieberman is a published author. Reinhardt enjoys the respect of his colleagues in the department. still good? It even has a romantic air about it.

Source: PBS Masterpiece

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What year is “Vienna Blood” set?

The psychological thriller series Vienna Blood is set in the Austrian capital Vienna in the early 1900s. According to the BBC, this particular time and place was “a hotbed of philosophy, science and art, with a clash of cultures and ideas unfolding in the city’s grand cafés and opera houses”.

The first season began in 1906, the second in 1907, and the third and most recent in 1908.

Speaking to the BBC about what he enjoyed most about being part of Vienna Blood, Jürgen Maurer said: It’s been that way for the last 200 years. How can I do better? ”

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“Vienna in 1908 was an interesting political and cultural period, with beautiful costumes and locations. A wonderful backdrop for any story,” added Matthew Beard. “We can tell these interesting historical stories through crime.”

Source: PBS Masterpiece

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Who is the main character in “Vienna Blood”?

Matthew Beard and Jürgen Maurer as Max Liebermann and Oskar Reinhardt respectively in the three-season crime drama series.

Matthew Beard is a 33-year-old British actor best known for starring in The Imitation Game, Avenue 5 and Dracula. Jürgen Maurer He is a 55-year-old Austrian actor who has appeared in his series on Austrian television such as Vorstadtweiber and Tatort.

Robert Dornhelm is directing the third season of Vienna Blood. An Oscar- and Emmy-nominated Austrian director and writer, his Dornhelm is best known for The Unfish, Into the West and The Break.

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Ensemble Performance Award-winning actor Alex Lowther, director Morten Tyldham, and Ensemble Performance Award-winning actors Benedict Cumberbatch, Allen Leach and Matthew Beard attend the 26th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala.

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Where can I watch Season 3 of “Vienna Blood”?

All three seasons of Vienna Blood are available to stream on Prime Video through PBS Masterpiece. The first 7 days of him are free, but if you want to keep the add-on, you will be charged an additional $5.99 per month.

New episodes of Vienna Blood will also air on Sundays at 10pm on KPBS TV.


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