Tingle of bangles, beat of drums, chirping of birds, and a hummingbird, a landmass that projects well above its surroundings or a billboard hoarding on a big road. What would I have been if I weren’t a human being?

I would’ve been a bird, flying free in the sky with the wings wide open in the air. Wait, no! They get caught, sometimes caged, and sometimes killed.

I would’ve been a fish, floating and roaming in the peaceful shore over the beautiful rocks. Not a good idea though! Bigger fish would’ve caught me or some human? Death in either case.

A leaf? A stone? A beautiful building? No! I’d want to be eternal, strong, and firm as a solid rock. Peaceful and intimidating, yet, unnerve and threatening at the same time.

A sea is running down the hills in a forest, tranquil and menace! Soothing and enchanting, peaceful, and intimidating. Water running between the hills in the forests with the freshening air is nature’s ventilator, calm yet terrifying. It is a sister of beauty and watery depths, soul of this world that is a keeper of the oceanic brethren.

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All Rights Reserved

Woods and fields, earth and sky, lakes and rivers, the mountains and the sea are the perfect schoolmasters that teach us more than we can ever learn from books.

There is a rapture in the lonely shore, pleasure in the pathless woods, a place where no one intrudes, with the depth of the sea and the music in its roar, I would want not want to be a human being but nature more.

All rights reserved

All rights reserved