What was Jerry Bravatt's cause of death? Learn more

What was Jerry Bravatt’s cause of death? Learn more

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American disc jockey, local Philadelphia icon and Philadelphia Musical League Hall of Fame member Jerry Bravatt has died at the age of 82. His radio his host is best known for hosting his dances live in his area, eventually going on to get his own radio show. He is also credited with introducing many now-famous acts to the mainstream, such as Four His Seasons and The Isley Brothers.

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Jerry’s passion for music, especially “oldies”, has created a lasting career in the industry. what was his cause of death? Here’s what fans should know about “heated gaiters”.

Jerry Bravat

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What was Jerry Bravatt’s cause of death?

Jerry died at Jefferson Methodist Hospital at 3:45 a.m., according to the Philadelphia Action News. His cause of death was primarily related to myasthenia gravis, a health condition involving disruption of communication between nerves and muscles.Jerry also suffered from related additional health problems, according to the outlet.

Jerry’s deteriorating health may come as a surprise to those following his touring schedule. According to his website, he was scheduled to perform his show on January 28 at Kimmel’s Cultural Campus, but it was canceled due to complications from a shoulder injury.

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Jerry Bravat

In addition to his radio credits, Jerry has appeared on several television shows over the years as a guest star, including Mod Squad, The Monkees, The Tonight Show, and The Joey Bishop Show. He has also made cameo appearances in the films Desperately Looking for Susan, Baby It’s You, and Cookies.

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In 1972, Jerry purchased a nightclub in Margate, New Jersey and named it “Memories.” In his 2022 interview with The New Jersey Stage, Jerry reflected on the many famous names who stopped by nightclubs. “Everybody was there. My mom cooked for[Frank]Sinatra there. She cooked for Sammy Davis Jr. there too. Chuck Berry showed up there. he said.

Jerry Bravat and Frankie Valli in 2014.

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Teenager Jerry became interested in the music industry at age 13 when he joined the original American Bandstand as a dancer in 1953 with DJs Bob Horn and Lee Stewart. According to Philadelphia Action News, when the show’s producers realized he was underage, he allowed him to stay on the show to pick records. It was in his 1960s that Jerry began working in radio.

Jerry has four daughters, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and longtime partner Keeley Stahl. At this time, it’s unclear if Jerry’s memorial service will take place.


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