What is TikTok's duped trend? Many users are angry

What is TikTok’s duped trend? Many users are angry

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In general, trends occur on TikTok because they are popular with at least part of TikTok’s user base. Some trends are widely adopted because most people find them enjoyable, while others are far more divisive and often cause more outrage on the platform than they’re worth.

This seems to fit the trend of cheating that has spread so quickly on TikTok and is plaguing many users. So what’s the deal?

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What are the tricked-out trends on TikTok?

The origins of gullibility are rather complicated. Initially, the trend was focused on fashionistas. It provided an inexpensive way to dress stylishly.

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Recently, however, the trend has evolved into parody versions, with TikTok users using the term “dup” (or “doop”) to describe someone else or someone who looks like a “cheap” version of an item. I use the term as a joke. You can’t really replace what you’re trying to “fool”. So, for example, someone might call someone “Alix Earl Dupe” in the comments on a video, or a bacon-flavoured dog “Bacon Dupe.”

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People don’t tend to be fooled.

The users making the videos clearly find the trend interesting, but there are plenty of people online who don’t seem interested in the slightest.

“I’m going to say it. TikTok’s ‘cheated’ trend is the worst, most uninteresting TikTok trend in TikTok history. I hate it.”

“I saw a TikTok of Louisville girls posing for pictures downtown.

Additionally, some point out that while “duplication” has become trendy in the fashion world, buying a cheap version without the proper brand name has long been frowned upon. of people had stories online of being bullied for buying a cheaper version of the product.

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“As someone who grew up poor, I’m a little bitter that it seems to be trendy now to find ‘cheating’ on expensive things,” one person wrote on Twitter. I was bullied and teased in school for being ugly, but now people are “tricked” on TikTok for expensive clothing and accessories.

Of course, it would be better for everyone if young people were less obsessed with which brand was the best. After all, many people can’t afford designer fashion and shouldn’t be judged for wearing what they want within their budget. There is, and TikTok users admit that it doesn’t necessarily matter.

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