What is the viral 'Soldier, Poet or King' quiz on TikTok?

What is the viral ‘Soldier, Poet or King’ quiz on TikTok?

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Since its early days, TikTok has been a popular purveyor of trendy quizzes. These quizzes are often silly and sometimes completely pointless, but ever since the app became popular, a user has been sharing the results of these quizzes on his TikTok feed.

Recently, quizzes have begun to circulate to determine if a TikTok user is a soldier, a poet, or a king.

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What is TikTok’s “Soldier, Poet or King” Quiz?

The “Soldier, Poet or King” quiz is very popular on TikTok as users share their results and react to the categories given. This quiz was inspired by his Oh Hello song “Soldier, Poet, King” and is available on his Uquiz girlfriend website here. Just enter your name and click the button that says “Start Quiz”.

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From there, you are given a series of 20 questions designed to determine which of the three categories you best fit into. The question may seem a little cryptic or strange. Contains content such as “What is your duty?” or ends sentence prompts such as “Looks like a throne…” A decision as to which of the three categories you belong to answer.

Taking the soldier poet king quiz made me terribly anxious and i never thought uquiz results would be the reason i can’t sleep

— Bucky writes ⚰️ (@buckyslibrary) January 23, 2023

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Users are sharing their results online and some seem surprised by the category they fall into. It may not make sense. Still, those who participate clearly seem to get at least some fulfillment from their exercise.

What do the quiz results actually mean?

Even without taking the quiz, you’ll have an intuitive sense of what each of these results mean in a vague sense. More specifically, a king is a person bound by duty and honor, and burdened with power and responsibility. Poets, by contrast, are more individualistic, solitary, and artistic types who have more power than they think.

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Soldiers are there for glory. They may have some physical strength, but they always risk pushing themselves too hard in pursuit of their goals. It may help you get a better sense of the roles you need to play and the ones that might leave you a little disappointed if you get them as a result.

Quizzes have been trending on TikTok for years.

This isn’t the first time Uquiz has taken over TikTok. A human senses quiz recently achieved something similar, temporarily taking over the platform as users shared their personal results with each other. Quizzes like “What are my weaknesses” and quizzes about human emotions have also become popular on TikTok in recent years. This is mainly because users get a lot of pleasure from sharing their results with each other.

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