What is the TikTok skin care smoothie trend?

What is the TikTok skin care smoothie trend?

Alison Hunt - author

Listen, we know we love TikTok. We also know that we love trends. We’re here with you, with you, and for you — but when running a trend makes someone else’s job harder, we stand apart.

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There is currently a growing trend on TikTok for people to mix and match very high-end skincare products (mainly because Drunk Elephant invented the concept) to create “skincare smoothies.” By doing this, people can customize skincare that works best for them, removing the lengthy process of doing a skincare routine.

Efficient, isn’t it? The problem is that some people make smoothies in public places and don’t clean up after…

Let’s break down the skin care smoothie TikTok trend.

The concept of the video is very simple. Creators pour different products on top of what they’re already using before mixing everything together.

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The two creators don’t list what they put in their “smoothies,” but part of the Drunk Elephant website lists some “recipes” for their featured smoothies.

For example, to get a Liquid Gold smoothie for “brighter, smoother, firmer skin,” use 1 pump of C-Firma Fresh, 2-3 drops of rhe A-Gloei, and 1 pump of Protini . To give Beach Your Heart Out Smoothie a “natural flush of radiant bronze,” use 1 pump of Lara Retro, 1 drop of D-Bronze, and 1 drop of 0-Blues.

The idea of ​​making your own recipes is definitely gaining popularity and these creators enjoy it. Messy without cleaning up afterward.

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skin care smoothie

TikTok user @critically.caucasion, who also happens to be an Ulta employee, created a slideshow showing the aftermath of these “skincare smoothies,” which has since gone viral. The first picture is some ‘smoothies’ still sitting on the product with the words ‘This was all within his first three hours of my shift. It is written. His next two slides show very similar pictures of messy products.

Obviously people don’t understand themselves. In the caption, she even says, “Please.”

Sephora and Ulta employees back her up in the comments!

skin care smoothie

People in the comments are not playing. User @rfgoldie said, “People have no training. I literally saw it lol,” he wrote.

User @elonmuskisdaddyasf said:

See, everyone, I get it. Drunk Elephant is pricey when full-size skin care products cost him over $100. We’re all happy to use these free samples in shops like Sephora and Ulta, but without making other people’s lives more difficult in the process. I learned that if I make a mess, I clean it up myself. period.

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