What is Shelby Sevierr Mama Brooke TikTok? All the details

What is Shelby Sevierr Mama Brooke TikTok? All the details

Alison Hunt - Author

OK, we have a hypothetical scenario for you:

Let’s say you have been married to a man for 4 years and are pregnant with his child. Sadly, you die in childbirth. Six weeks later he is with another woman.

Will you: A.) haunt him for the rest of his life? B.) resurrect and unleash all sorts of hell. C.) Both A and B.

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Shelby Sevier didn’t really know the can of worms she was about to open when she created a TikTok about “Mama Brooke” and her relationship with her husband and daughter. I will explain everything.

Analyze Shelby Sevierr Mama Brooke TikTok.

In a now-deleted TikTok, Shelby Sevier opened up about her daughter, her daughter’s mother Brooke, and her husband. Lucky for us, people had the foresight to screen record it.

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The first photo on the slide reads, “Cute little belly girl, but this is not me.” The pictures continue as the story is written on them:

“This is Brooke. She is the mother of our daughter…She and Steve were married for four years before she died in childbirth…This is our daughter, Savannah…I this is the first time i met her..we were together all the time while my dad was working…he learned how to be the best dad while making his wife sad..we Despite everything going on around us, we fell in love right away…but they…received a bouquet at my best friend’s wedding…and we became a family…”

Photos of Shelby and Steve getting married and having a child follow. While this all seems normal and fine, the timeline is very questionable: Savannah is only 6 weeks old in the photo when Shelby first met her daughter. This meant Shelby came into their lives just six weeks after Brooke died. Of course, the people who write in the comments section have the same idea.

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TikTok user @cvlprit decided to read some comments for us.

“The timeline is highly questionable.”

“Yes, my husband will be haunted for the rest of his life.”

“I’m literally resurrected.”

TikToker @cvlprit did some research and found Shelby’s now-deleted Instagram. Shelby was also a doula and was taking care of her daughter when Savannah was 6 weeks old. There is supposedly a pretty big age gap between Shelby and her husband: she was only 19 and he was in his 30s when they met. Another her TikToker @ilovejuudy had a cup of tea when she took a screenshot of a comment from Shelby. Wow!

You see, there’s no official timeline for how quickly someone can move on. But… math isn’t math here, if you know what we’re saying. If Shelby is so public about their relationship, it wouldn’t look good to move on six weeks after his wife died, even if there wasn’t any overlap.

Yeah, we’re definitely going with C, Haunt, and Resurrect.

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