What is "Minecraft Legends"?Release date announcement

What is “Minecraft Legends”?Release date announcement

Source: Mojang Studio

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Minecraft isn’t the cultural phenomenon it was a few years ago, but the franchise remains one of the most successful of all games. Mojang Studios and Microsoft are looking to capitalize on that success with another spin-off game, Minecraft Legends. Minecraft Legends lets you send players on strategic adventures filled with creepers, zombies, skeletons, and other iconic faces from the series.

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If you’re wondering more about what Minecraft Legends is, you’ve come to the right place. is located in

Minecraft Legends Gameplay

Source: Mojang Studio

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What is “Minecraft Legends”?

Minecraft Legends is an action strategy game set in the world of Minecraft. Explore a variety of familiar biomes while slaying hordes of piglins and trying to prevent the Overworld from being overrun by creatures from the Nether. Battles are massive, with dozens of enemies (and allies) flooding the screen at any given time.

When you’re not engaged in real-time strategic combat, you can explore worlds littered with things to find and resources to loot. However, instead of forcing you to collect things piecemeal, you can send villagers to create a stockpile. These resources can then be used to craft various items and structures.

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In other words, Minecraft Legends is a cross between the original Minecraft and RTS titles like Age of Empires. Mining and crafting continues, but with even more emphasis on large-scale real-time battles not seen in the original.

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Minecraft Legends vs Minecraft — side by side comparison.

Minecraft Legends and Minecraft share much of the same DNA. After all, they’re from the same studio. But beyond its art style and need for constant crafting and building, Minecraft Legends has some big differences.

One is that the battles are on a much larger scale. In his original Minecraft, he screamed in terror after encountering a lone creeper, but in Minecraft Legends, he hopes to face off against legions of enemies once and for all. You can even recruit several allies to your cause and have them fight for you.

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Combat in Minecraft Legends

Source: Mojang Studio

The game is also played from a third-person perspective, as opposed to Minecraft’s default first-person perspective. This gives players a better view of the battlefield and helps them plan their attacks. The change in perspective highlights the main difference between the two games. Minecraft is more about survival and doing things on your own, whereas Minecraft Legends is all about large-scale encounters and creating vast camps.

When is the release date for Minecraft Legends?

Minecraft Legends releases on April 18th for PS5, Xbox, Switch and PC. It offers solo and co-op campaigns along with competitive multiplayer modes. The title will launch on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on day one, but is currently available for pre-order.


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