9 months ago, I wrote my first blog on this website. It was about someone whom I have loved the most in my life. Needless to say, that things didn’t end as they were meant to be; but in that particular blog, I wrote about my idea of home. If you had read that, you know what my idea is. If in case you didn’t like reading that, I will explain again.

My idea of home is different than a lot of other people, most if you say. I think that home is not just the place where you live and spend time with your loved ones; rather, home is somewhere you find peace. It could be a person, a place, a thing, or maybe even a feeling. You can find home in anything if look closely, or you can never find home in something even having a place to live, people to talk to, and things to associate happiness or sadness with.

Merely, everything that life has bestowed upon us has a meaning, and no matter what that meaning might be, we, as humans tend to use everything for our gains and purpose, even emotions. But home is certainly something that we cannot use, or get from anything just like that, it is one of the rarest blessings of life that we have to find.

Continuing on my idea of what I call home, if you are a reader, you might find home in some words you can related to scribbled between passages that tell your story written by your favorite author. If you are a writer, you might find your home in the smell of ink or the voice it makes when the pen touches the soft surface of the paper. For travelers, home is where they can settle for sometime before leaving for the destination and continuing their forever going journey. If you are a chef, you can find home in the secret recipe of your dinner curry and the sweetest dessert that you serve your favorite guests.

People who listen to other people’s stories find their home in the emotions and existence of people revealing themselves, trusting and embracing your existence; being hopeful that there is someone who can listen to them, who can relate to them.

I might have dragged the last para, but I needed to explain a bit my idea of home. The thought process that works for me might not work for you, and hence, there are chances that your opinion would also differ than mine. Nevertheless, I will keep on believing on what I have learnt from life. Home is where you find peace, it is not a place, but a feeling, an emotion that keeps you sane in this otherwise quite insane world.

The universe is full of mysteries as well as opportunities, and among all of this chaos, the one thing that gives you peace is home. If you think that as well, cheers, you are already my friend. If you don’t, let me know and I will certainly learn your idea of home as well. But for now, I think its enough. I might write about this topic some other time again, but for now, I want to live with it and find a home for myself.

Saad Zafar
Saad Zafar is truly an inspirational professional with years of experience and mentoring ability. He is a mentor, leader, a highly intriguing, and an expert with deep insight and broad knowledge
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