What is corecore?Needs a lot of editing

What is corecore?Needs a lot of editing

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Imagine this: You’ve just been abandoned and feel so lonely. How you’re feeling using only video clips, memes, images, and other mediums you can find on the internet You are then asked to put them together to visually tell a story and set the music.

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When you collect clips, it looks like a jumble of different movie and TV scenes. But then the artist in you comes out and starts arranging the clips in a certain order. Find a song that fits your mood. You’ll feel better after watching the makeshift slideshow. This is TikTok’s latest aesthetic trend, corecore.

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What is TikTok corecore?

Corecore is essentially a TikTok editing style that combines different images, videos, memes, headlines, etc. all into one video while playing songs and audio clips in the background.

It seems trivial at first — like someone just crammed a bunch of digital assets into it.

Corecore videos are often an engaging and artistic way to send a message to your audience. Some try to tell stories or point out problems over time. Or raise awareness of a particular cause.

For example, the video below sheds light on poverty and privilege by juxtaposing several clips of wealthy millennials flaunting their money with scenes from the resource-sparse African Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Other corecores may be made to show the viewer that they are not alone. Consider her TikTok case below. It features a barrage of clips shot by women who have been hurt or felt insignificant by men.

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But not all core core videos have such a brooding tone. Some corecore videos are just for fun. For example, a cat video and video game scene combined into a fast-paced, energetic song.

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As corecore videos become more popular, the quality may start to decline.

According to Know Your Meme, the corecore aesthetic was first referenced on Tumblr in 2020, but didn’t reach viral status on TikTok until 2022.

That said, there are concerns that while many people are taking advantage of this trend, it hasn’t caused any meaningful complications. The video has become more pointless.”

The creators seem to be running out of ideas and neglecting the core video.

In fact, if you search for #corecore on TikTok, you may find that many of the videos that come up lack the emotional appeal, significance, and/or storytelling skills that many of TikTok’s predecessors had. Not to mention that some videos aren’t considered corecore videos as creators sometimes add random hashtags to their captions to get more views.


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