What Happened to Mental Health TikToker Al Wright?

What Happened to Mental Health TikToker Al Wright?

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Content warning: This article refers to suicide and depression.

While many people use TikTok to get new recipe tips or delve deeper into popular TV shows, the app has introduced the world to many talented people they otherwise wouldn’t have known. rice field. In January 2021, a user named Al Wright, known by his username @the_hurton_alberton, gained a large number of followers after his first video.

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Al created his first TikTok to joke about the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. The Texas native said in his video that he had the vaccine and was fine afterward.

Since Al’s debut, there have been multiple comments from users asking what happened to his face. The influencer claims he’s been very transparent about his situation and shares his journey to help those who are suffering as much as he is.

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What happened to Al Wright?

In March 2021, Al went public on TikTok, revealing what happened to his face. Al has since shot himself in the face so he can eat and feel parts of his face. says it’s gone. He also lost his nose and his sense of smell after the incident.

In the first video, Al shared the “root reason” behind his suicide attempt. He said the reason stemmed from “women” and “previous procedures”. Still, he received a lot of support from commentators who thanked Al for having the courage to share his story with the world.

“We apologize for the mental and physical pain you endured. We are glad you are with us,” wrote one user.

“There’s a reason you’re still here,” another reminded him. ā€œStay strong.ā€

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“I’m sorry, I know nothing will change, but for what it’s worth, I apologize for what you’ve been through that made you feel like you didn’t deserve life,” the third said. commenter pointed out.

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Al Wright said on TikTok that he wasn’t looking for “sympathy” when discussing his case.

Since first describing what happened to his face, Al has gone on to answer any questions his followers may have. Unfortunately, all of his feedback has always been positive not necessarily.

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“Yes, I tried to kill myself,” Al said bravely, rocking his hot pink hair.

“I try to help people with mental health issues, I try to show that I am aware of what can happen, and I should help as many people as possible. I am very positive.” I am a human being.ā€

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Al then apologized to users if his videos weren’t meant for them, followed by further reiterating that he’s not using his channel for sympathy. Within the first year of growing up, 13 people told him they had “prevented him from taking his own life,” he added, adding that he told naysayers that he would “carry on.”


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