What happened to Alex on 'The Jubal Show'? Here's the scoop

What happened to Alex on ‘The Jubal Show’? Here’s the scoop

Source: Instagram/@jubalfresh

Fans are reacting to the sudden and somewhat surprising shift to the Jubal Show line-up. Hosted by Jubal Fresh, the show featured his wife Alex. More recently, however, Alex has completely disappeared from the show quite abruptly, and Jubal and the rest of the show’s production staff have yet to publicly mention her absence.

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What happened to Alex on “The Jubal Show”?

Alex’s only public acknowledgment of his departure from the show came from Alex himself, who posted on Instagram. Thank you. She also apologized for not responding promptly to all messages asking where she went.

Jubal and Alex Fresh

Source: Instagram/@jubalfresh

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“My sudden and unexpected departure from the Jubal show took longer than expected to process. Alex wrote in her statement. However, Alex didn’t reveal her reasons for leaving the show, instead signing off with words of gratitude for all the support she’s received from her fans.

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“I really didn’t know how much I connected with you. I will be forever grateful for the time I’ve had to share my life with you on the show.” I know not, but please give me some time.

While Alex has spoken out about her departure, it’s clear that she hasn’t really delved into what really happened, which is something many fans still want to know.

Fans are frustrated by the silence surrounding Alex.

The Jubal Show, which hasn’t been posted to Facebook in almost two weeks, is regularly inundated with comments from listeners wondering why Alex suddenly left. This is all compounded by the fact that Alex is married to the show’s host, which makes it even stranger that Jubal has yet to discuss what happened to her wife at all.

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“I think fans deserve to know what happened to Alex,” one person commented. Don’t do the same thing to Alex as he did to you on your last station Jubal just got up and disappeared.

Some users have speculated that Alex may have been kicked out of the show by the station.

For now, however, fans will have to wait for either Jubal Shaw or Alex to break the silence and explain what happened. has yet to provide an exact timeline for when it plans to break the silence

We will update you as soon as we know more!

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